Black and mysterious

Screw the turnover chain.  Richard LaCounte’s got a hit stick!

When he arrived at Sanford Stadium Saturday morning for the ubiquitous Dawg Walk, Georgia safety Richard LeCounte carried on his shoulder a rather menacing baseball bat.

The message LeCounte sought to impart to anyone who passed by was that No. 3 Georgia’s defense had come to play, but not to play around.

“The black bat is the hit stick,” said Lecounte, who recorded three tackles and had a fumble recovery in the second quarter. “I can’t speak much on it, but the bat solidifies everything about our defense – hard and tough.”

Gotta admit, I’m intrigued with the “I can’t speak much on it” part.  What dark secret is LeCounte holding back?  Deandre Baker sheds a tiny bit more light on the stick.

When asked about the “hit stick,” which LeCounte seems to think will one day stand alongside the “Savage” turnover shoulder pads in Bulldog mythology, Baker said, “That’s his personal hit stick. He painted it black and he earned it.”

I would pay good money to watch Kirby stroll into tomorrow’s presser toting that.  The Coke bottle needs a buddy prop.


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10 responses to “Black and mysterious

  1. Greg

    The fellow can cover some space, in a hurry. Gonna be a good one imo.


    • Macallanlover

      Yes, this. He has excellent instincts and speed to get to the ball. He will be an improved version of Sanders playing centerfield by mid-season. Playing with discipline and self control this year, just needs someone to apply some pressure on the QB to get some floaters near his zip code. He has the burning desire to win, and with some success may be the spirit and leader of the defense for the next couple of years.


  2. dawgxian

    Now, just wrap it in barbed wire


  3. RedHotChiliDawg

    Have y’all noticed how many deep balls he’s gotten his hands on? He’s been close to 2-3 picks already this season. Also flies to the ball. Kirby was on him about playing assignments during camp, hopefully that message has taken hold. He is so aggressive against the run that I worry about him against misdirection or play action later in the season.


  4. 81Dog

    RLC 3 performed one of the most athletic feats ever after the winning Rose Bowl score when he ran on the field and, in full pads, did a cartwheel followed a back flip. Stuck the landing, too. I pulled a hamstring just watching it.

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  5. This is the modern day version of BVG’s Lip Jar.


  6. W Cobb Dawg

    Let’s hope LeCounte’s bat joins other famous bats, like the one from Inglorious Bastards, DeNiro’s bat in The Untouchables, Robert Redford’s Wonderboy, and of course Homer’s Wonderbat.