Today in analytics, part one

Georgia’s moved back on top in Brian Fremeau’s latest FEI ratings.  He gives the Dawgs about a 38% chance to run the table; only Clemson has better odds.  (That says something about the state of the SEC East, no?)

What’s really interesting about his numbers is that Georgia is fourth in net points per drive (the difference between each team’s points scored per offensive drive and its points allowed per opponent offensive drive), despite being underwater in net starting field position (the difference between the average starting field position for each team’s offensive drives and its opponent’s offensive drives).

For context, Alabama, which is one spot ahead of the Dawgs in NPD, is 81 spots ahead in NFP, a difference on the field of over 16 yards.

Makes you wonder what this Georgia team might be capable of with a little more favorable starting position.


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3 responses to “Today in analytics, part one

  1. Biggen

    …little better starting position AND tapping the full potential of our offense. When you begin to pull starters in the 2/3 quarters, and almost all are all pulled in the 4th, you aren’t operating at peak proficiency anymore.

    We could have called our score in each of the three games we have played so far if the 1st string offense was kept in the game all 4 quarters.


  2. Austin Cope

    But Senator, think how much higher this would be if we would use the black jerseys.


    • Whiskeydawg

      Personally, I’ve always loved the black jerseys. I wish Kirby would use them once in a while; not in a silly motivational way; I just happen to think it is a nice change up every so often. As long Nike isn’t involved in the design work; those Fred Sandford outfits from a few years back nearly gave me a seizure.