“The plan is … there is no plan.”

Kirby, in the immortal words of Mike Tyson, “Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.”


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  1. ugafidelis

    So we come in with a plan, a great plan, it’s a beautiful plan by the way… Then things may change and we may have to change our plan. We’re open to change. We’re not tied to one plan. I mean sometimes you have to change your plan.

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  2. stoopnagle

    No plan? Is that the Kirby we’ve all come to know and love?


  3. Biggen

    It does seem a bit “willy nilly” the way the QBs are being rotated. But I get what he is trying to say in that it’s foolish to stick to a plan even though circumstances dictate you don’t.

    Keeping Fields limited may actually be a part of “the plan” as well. UGA hasn’t really needed to ask him to do too much as of yet. Perhaps they are saving him for LSU? It is nice that most opponents will expect him to be a runner first and then a passer. Imagine when he starts slinging it all over the field…


  4. Macallanlover

    I fully support no set plan and let the opportunity or situation drive the decisions. Would prefer we not bring Fields in for just one play, but agree they should be flexible, even if both are in for potions of the drive occasionally.

    Really wish we follow the same “no set plan: when it comes to the total game’s offensive and defensive scheme. Adjust as we go. The whole “impose our will” is troubling to me because it seems to only apply to running the ball. Purpose of the game is to score more points, not prove we can run over someone. Imposing our will is showing we can beat you regardless of how you set your defense. Box loaded or safeties up, throw the damn ball. Loosen up the middle, run the damn ball. Something about marching up and down the field continually tells me they will become frustrated, or give up, quicker. All things equal, a heavier dose of run makes more sense because it is safer, and more in our DNA.

    I just feel we do have a set plan going in, and are sometimes slow to adjust to the opportunity. Nothing wrong with having a preference but don’t get married to just one way of getting it done. I don’t usually encourage being “bi”, but am flexible enough to incorporate a dual philosophy in this case. Impose our will by using all our weapons, just like at QB! (Not saying that Kirby isn’t smart enough to see/use this but we look to be slow to change. Many of you feel Little Nicky is the GOAT, but it took him until the 3rd quarter to quit beating his head against the strongly ingrained run preference.)


  5. CB

    I don’t buy the “no plan” explanation. The Process always has a plan.


  6. Yeah, of course the Kirbster is sandbagging, but I still would prefer to see some balls in the air from Fields in the 2nd Half against Vandy.