“We haven’t played our best yet. That’s the truth. That’s the truth.”

Nobody questions Georgia’s talent.  The question is about focus and mindset.  It sounds like the players know that, too.

“I don’t want to say we’ve just been pushing our way through,” defensive end Jonathan Ledbetter said. “We’ve had some physical games, but I don’t think we’ve really been battle-tested. We’re actually excited to have a situation where that’s going to happen. We’ve been waiting to see what we’re like through four quarters of a football game and we want to accept that challenge.”

Will they?

“I mean I think the tests are coming up,” Smart said. “We’ve got some tough games. We got a bye week after this one, and that’s probably coming at a good time because we got a football team that’s beat up, dinged up, just like every team in the conference is. You don’t get through this conference without being a little sore and a little beat up. But I think that our tests are upcoming. I think we play some good football teams starting this week with what’s an extremely physical, well-coached football team, in a tough place to play.”

We’re about to find out.


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17 responses to ““We haven’t played our best yet. That’s the truth. That’s the truth.”

  1. William (the other one)

    Well, you’ll probably need that “best game” this weekend. FU may have given you some sort of tip/clue in, but that stadium will be unlike anything you have yet faced. I hope your brand of smash mouth beats theirs.


  2. stoopnagle

    No doubt. LSU matches up with us talent-wise as well as anyone we have or will play this year. It’s on their field – although we’ve done well there in the recent past – which can’t be discounted. They also have to win this game.

    Then, there’s that little slice of doom that entered my head today and it’s our record away vs the SEC West under Kirby. Not just 0-2, but blown-out 0-2. It’s about the only thing making me nervous.


  3. Mayor

    The Dawgs are about to face a 4 game stretch that is going to decide this season. Only one of those games, against Auburn, will take place between the hedges. LSU in Baton Rogue is a difficult game any time but after they lost to FU this past week you know that they will be ready and extremely dangerous. The WLOCP is going to be much tougher than many of us thought at the beginning of the season. Florida is 5-1 after 6 games with a win against LSU validating that they are a good team after all. I remember early in the season many on this blog were talking as if the Gators were going to be an easy out. Well, beating Florida in Jacksonville hasn’t been easy for the Dawgs for almost 30 years now even when Georgia has the better team. Kentucky is the sleeper in the SEC East and at home in Lexington the Cats will be difficult to beat. Going back a few years I can remember when UK beat the Dawgs 2 out of 4 games (2006-09) and historically Kentucky plays Georgia tough in Lexington even when the ‘Cats don’t win. If Kentucky gets past Missouri (a big if but UK does appear to have the better team) then the game against Georgia will be for the SEC East title for UK even if the Dawgs win all their games up until then, because of the tiebreaker. And, of course, Auburn is Auburn. Now begins the serious part of the schedule.

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    • Jim

      Well said. Everyone keeps talking about Dec 1 as if it is a foregone conclusion. Far from it


    • Macallanlover

      I worry about LSU because we are banged up on the OL, weak against a downhill, power run, and playing in the toughest environment in the SEC.
      My heart says UGA wins because I am getting used to it, but my head doesn’t like the matchup. But I feel better about Kentucky, watching A&M just thwart their offense makes me think Kirby and Mel will find a way as well. But you are right, tough for us to ever shine up there. We will beat Florida, because we usually neat Florida, and this year we are just better than them. Plus, unlike Baton Rouge and Lex, we are on equal footing and not at a disadvantage, nothing intimidating about it. Dawgs win.


  4. UGA '97

    Start’s without getting 115 yards of penalties


  5. Mg4life0331

    But both LSU and Florida’s offenses are embarrassing. Am I crazy? Does anyone else see that? It might take two possessions to score….one for field position to pin them back then score after they punt. But damn, if Chaney was as bad as them y’all would be blowing up every thread.

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  6. Jake is going to eat LSU’s lunch and steal their girlfriends.

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    • I think that LSU secondary could be a weak spot for ’em. A compelling argument can be made that the best QB LSU has faced was the La.Tech kid, and in that game the Bayou Bengals were against the wall and only leading 24-21 into the 4th qtr. I’m feeling mighty bullish about the array of receiving weapons Fromm can choose from Saturday.

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      • 904Dawg

        I thought LSU was supposed to have a really good, if not great, defensive backfield? I haven’t seen any of their games except for last week’s but I do remember reading about a DB of LSU’s named Greedy that was considered one of the best in the country at his position. Granted, that’s only 1 of 4 or more DB’s they’d have on the field for any given play. But as we’ve seen with Baker, one elite DB can take away one side of the field for the whole game. And with the amount of athletes and talent level LSU has, year in and year out, I just assumed that they’d be really good against the pass. But I’m happy to read that you guys are feeling good about the Dawgs possibly being able to throw at will on them.

        I’m with you on our array of WR’s though. Especially with Godwin finally looking like himself for the first time this past Saturday. I really like Holloman and Stanley, and think they’re legit weapons that can hurt any defense. But, we probably all agree that Hardman is on a different level than any of our other WR’s. He can run by anyone with his elite speed, yet has the strength and agility to break tackles or make em miss. All that on top of having great hands and ball security, as well as him having really good vision and instincts in the return game. If he was 2 or 3 inches taller, then he’d almost certainly be a sure fire top 10 pick in the NFL draft. That’s literally the only knock on him, granted the NFL will probably view that as a big reason to not draft him as high as he should be. But anyway, I hope we all get to see a big day for all our Dawgs vs LSU this weekend! Go Dawgs!!


  7. willypmd

    Bye work certainly looks well positioned, just have to survive Death Valley.

    Glad it’s not a night game because I think we’d lose if that place was liquored up and rockin’, but I’m predicting 30% of the stadium to be red and black and I think that’s going to make a difference.

    27-23 good guys feels about right to me


  8. illinidawg

    We’ll kill da bums!