There’s coach speak. Then there’s Coach O speak.

Ed Orgeron’s breakdown of Georgia reads pretty anodyne.  It’s much more entertaining heard in the original raspy, somewhat breathless Orgeronese.


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15 responses to “There’s coach speak. Then there’s Coach O speak.

  1. 81Dog

    I’m just glad nobody asked him a question that led to a breakdown of his bladder capacity


    • dawgtired

      Coach O in the locker room.


      • gastr1

        Does LSU offer a course in Coach O, I wonder? Maybe a dual-credit with Cajun Franglish?


        • Got Cowdog

          I grew up with ’em. Coach O sounds exactly like my Grandfather and his 5 brothers. All but one were LSU Grads. I am smiling as I type this of their memory (They are all gone now) and the way they sounded when they were all together.
          I can’t speak for all Louisianans, but I dearly love the ones I grew up with and if you hang around them enough you can generally pick up enough of the language to order a beer or find a bathroom. 🙂


          • DawgByte

            I’ve spent time down in Cajun country duck hunting. It’s like being in a different country and I enjoyed every minute of it. Great people and good eats!


          • Russ

            I love that area. Just so colorful.

            And I hope Coach O stays at LSU as long as he can. He’s a perfect example of why I love college football. Of course, I hope he’s explaining the ass-whipping they received next week.


          • Walt

            I was born and raised in Thibodaux, LA not too far from Orgeron’s home, Cut Off, LA. I was fishing there last month and it’s another world, even to those of use who grew up down there.


  2. Mad Mike

    Yaw yaw yaw yaw yaw yaw fooball!


  3. 92 grad

    Miles was more fun. (Did I do the Barnhart right?)


  4. Uglydawg

    I think Coach O is a genuine, good person and I think (contrary to what I originally thought) LSU made a good hire.
    I hope that, after losing to our Dawgs, he runs the table and wins the West.. Fat chance, but I still hope it.


  5. Whiskeydawg

    Ed Orgeron the original voice of the Cookie Monster on Sesame Street; now he’s a head coach in college football. He really knows how to parlay his fame.


  6. Cousin Eddie

    I had to read the text along with the video, kinda like subtitles.


  7. Ken Wilkinson

    I wonder how many of your readers had to Google anodyne.