All you need to know about the latest embarrassing development in Zach Smith’s life is that he put the word guilty in scare quotes.

McMurphy, as is his wont, has the receipts, by the way.

Is it unreasonable to expect that if Ohio State’s season unravels any further, somebody’s gonna start blaming McMurphy for it?



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11 responses to “Bafoonery

  1. BigD

    Looks like he needs to go relieve a little “stress” in Trump’s bathroom.


    • 81Dog

      Maybe he should have hired Keith Ellison’s lawyers. Or Teddy Kennedy’s. Or William Kennedy Smith’s.

      Everything isn’t about Trump, or politics, unless you want it to be. This certainly isn’t. Seems like we all could agree Zach is a jerk and call it a day, huh?


      • BigD

        Easy there, hoss. Grab a cup of coffee and go read some of the earlier ESPN articles about Zach’s antics in the White House bathroom and you’ll see my post wasn’t political at all.


  2. gastr1

    He’s been treated terribly. So unfair. It’s a dangerous time to be a white man right now.

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  3. I bet he still gets at least one more ring this season.


  4. Rebar

    Smith needs a bigger shovel for the hole he keeps digging.


  5. What a knob. Nepotism, entitlement, and unearned privilege all rolled into one douchebag.


  6. 79Dawg

    This guy’s 15 minutes are over – not sure why anyone GAF about what is goin on with this lowlife, other than to simply try and gore Oscar Meyers’ and Ohio State’s oxen…


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