“It was really physical down there in the trenches.”

Welp, it looks like one move is still in the Gators’ playbook.

Elijah Holyfield had three carries and didn’t gain a yard, and Fromm had two, though he said he thought he cross the goal line.

“I thought I did, both of them, or at least one of them,” Fromm said. “I know I was getting my eye gouged out on the first one, and I don’t know if I could see too good to see if I got it in on the second one.

I’d say “stay classy, Gators”, but history says I’d be wasting bandwidth.


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21 responses to ““It was really physical down there in the trenches.”

  1. Jim

    That god awful series happened right in front of us. I saw Fromm come out of the pile once rubbling his eyes so I wasn’t surprised when I read that article last night.


  2. Got Cowdog

    It was after that series that Fromm and Co. really started working on the bad guys, right?
    Maybe Jake plays better pissed off and angry……


  3. W Cobb Dawg

    Dawgs sorely need a jumbo package, or at least much better execution at the goal line.

    One comment yesterday suggested sending a FB up the middle in that situation. I agree. As much as we talk about Chubb & Sony moving on, I think we also really miss Payne at FB. Shifting a TE over doesn’t come close to having a true FB.


    • Mayor

      I don’t want to beat it to death but FU’s #92 was running around the end of Georgia’s OL unblocked on every short yardage play and tackling our RBs from the side. That’s a scheme problem. After that happening twice Chaney and Pittman should have changed blocking assignments to double team that guy to prevent that from happening.

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      • Macallanlover

        Yes, that seemed an obvious adjustment to make, but we didn’t. As I commented just earlier in another post, we also need to spread defenses out to get defenders away from the “scrum bunch”. We have playmakers who need room to cut into small creases, those didn’t exist on the 7 plays at the goalline. No way they keep Holyfield/Swift/Fromm from scoring if they have to cover wideouts (seven on seven better than 11 on 11). Was a complete bottleneck in the middle. Kentucky has an excellent NG, so some changes need to be considered. KS said we would fix it, and I believe we will. It was more scheme than physical, but we did get “out physicaled” there.


      • Russ

        Double team? How about just having one person block him? He was unblocked on every play of that “series”. Mind boggling.


        • Greg

          Yep, untouched…..too many people lined up on ‘D for anyone to pick him up. If my memory serves me correct, we only had 1 back in the backfield to pick him up. A problem with the formation/set…..that’s on Chaney/Smart.


      • Texas Dawg

        He got there so quick, a couple of times I thought he was going to take the handoff.


    • Anonymous

      I will basically repeat my comment from last night. It is great that the OL averages 6’5″ and 330 lbs, but goal-line rushing is about leverage and angle. The low man will always win the down. Grantham always has a defense that is well coached at goal-line situations. They were able to get underneath our OL so that they could not get pushed back. Think of it like wedging a chair under a door knob in order to prevent it being opened. Go back and watch the video and then contrast that to the way Mike Bloomgren had Staford do it:


      If the point at which each of our linemen strikes the DL was just a few inches lower each of those plays could have been a TD. Smart, Chaney, and Pittman will all watch the same video we saw. I imagine they are working on it today at practice.


      • Greg

        Some truth to that, that’s why you see them doing the chute drills. Going way back, but ours was old school….made of lumber & chicken wire.


  4. SCMass

    In one of the pre-game hype videos, CBS asked players for special memories from the WLOCP. The very first UF player says “Brandon Spikes tackling Knowshon Moreno.” I thought it said a lot that Brandon Spikes was the first player they wanted to honor.


    • Silver Creek Dawg

      Considering that was Washaun Ealey and not Moreno, yeah…


      • SCMass

        I think the Gator player meant when Spikes tackled Moreno, and not when Spikes poked Ealey in the eye. But it still struck me as kinda sad; Spikes had a bad reputation, yet this Gator player immediately reached for him as a fond memory.


  5. One quick scheme adjustment to slow down 92 would have been to run a zone-read option with Fields, but….imposing wills and whatnot.


  6. Greg

    Seems like that happens against UF more than any other team. Can’t remember the players involved, I wanna say Gurley…but I do not believe it was him that a UF player did the same with a few years ago (eye gouge). Something they are being taught imo. No place in the game for it..


  7. DawgPhan

    there was one play where in that goal line series where you could see a big blue glove come from between a Georgia players legs and grab and big ole handful of silver britches backside.


  8. DBUGA

    Fromm was mistaken. They were trying to pick his nose! Everybody knows Gators eat boogers!