Today, in oh, snap!

Kirby Smart, on the genius:

Even after stuffing the Jackets’ option offense, Smart sounded happy to be past it again.

“I don’t love it, but it is what it is,” he said. “You get the cards you’re dealt and that’s the cards we’re dealt. If you don’t want to play against it then beat them every year and pretty soon you won’t have to.”

Washington’s defensive coordinator, on Mike Leach’s offense:

It’s the same melody with different lyrics.


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9 responses to “Today, in oh, snap!

  1. Kirby sent a message to the administration and the donors at Fech … fire Fish Fry or continue to take these beatings. I really hope they don’t take Kirby’s advice.

    I don’t think Kirby plans to take his boot off their throat anytime soon.


  2. gastr1

    Once again, Fish Fry managed to find blame elsewhere…they jumped offside on one drive before 4th down, and then the officials (wrongly, per FF) called that old “blocking below the waist” call, and that just messed them all up.

    I look forward to these kind of excuses every year from that prick.


  3. Russ

    Oops. I shouldn’t read in reverse order. I posted the Kirby quote in another post. Sorry Senator.


  4. DoubleDawg1318

    I love Kirby’s comment. He took a break from the coach speak to tell it like it really is. He gets what it means to be a Dawg and I love it! I hate the TO and I hope Kirby beats it out of Tech!


  5. Maybe I am putting my own spin on this, but that sounds to me like he considers the time spent preparing for the TO an overall detriment to our program, so he is taking the long term view that he needs to obliterate it badly enough to get PJ fired, so he no longer has to prep for it all year.

    I wonder how much of a benefit it would be to our program overall if we didn’t have to spend time in camp, offseason, periodically throughout the season, etc. prepping for this and instead could put all that time towards more productive things.


    • 92 grad

      Man, I really want you to be right, but I have to say, defending that stupid scheme is REALLY good for defensive fundamentals, discipline, and synthesis to other facets of the game. I believe it’s actually a benefit to being a real solid football player. Should help the next couple weeks and beyond. Kind of like a world class musician playing the most beautiful C scale you’ve ever heard.


  6. Macallanlover

    Washington got a nice assist from the snowstorm in shutting down Leach and the Stache. Hated that, should have been a good game between those two Friday night.

    No weather was going to save Fish Fry on Saturday, Dawgs were focused.