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“It’s something we’ll always look at in the offseason.”

I don’t know what bugs me more about this Marc Weiszer piece, that Georgia sounds like it’s prepared to roll over for Auburn on scheduling (again!)…

The teams are slated to continue that familiar spot on the schedule in 2019, but Auburn wants to avoid having to play rivals Georgia and Alabama in the final three weeks of the regular season in future seasons.

Georgia athletic director Greg McGarity is open to the game being slotted earlier on the schedule.

“I think the one weekend we are focused on keeping is the Florida weekend due to the NFL dynamic and the plans that people have had,” he said of the game in Jacksonville. “As we’ll see later, they’ll be movement probably to other games. Who thought we’d be opening the (2019) season with Vanderbilt? The main thing is a rivalry will stay in place. We’ll continue to play Auburn on an annual basis for the near future.”

… or that both Smart and Mullen sound more than amenable to moving the Cocktail Party from Jacksonville.

Both Georgia coach Kirby Smart and Florida coach Dan Mullen voiced a desire before the game this year to consider playing the rivalry game on campus in the future.

Mullen said on his radio show, he could see the game being played home-and-home, then two years in Jacksonville, according to Kevin Brockway of the Gainesville Sun.

Smart said on his own radio show the same night that he has “mixed feelings at times,” on the game being played in Jacksonville because Georgia misses out the chance to host top recruits at a home game like other SEC schools.

“I enjoy neutral site games,” he said. “They’re good one-offs. They’re good kickoff classics, meeting somebody from across the country and playing in these great venues.”

As for Georgia-Florida, he said “we both give up a lot. They give up the opportunity to have one of their greatest recruiting days and we give up our opportunity to have one of our best recruiting days. If that averages one player a year, that’s four or five good players. That’s tough where every other team we compete against, they get the opportunity to bring recruits. We don’t get the opportunity to bring recruits to this game. It’s a disadvantage when you’re talking about against a Tennessee or an Auburn or somebody who gets the extra home games.”

Jesus, it’s always recruiting ahead of fans with these guys.

I must have missed where Jacksonville’s killed Smart’s recruiting lately — “four or five good players”, my ass.

Let me know when somebody grows a backbone fighting for the folks doing most of the check-stroking and stands-filling.



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Such a deal; do it today!

Before you grab that SECCG application, just be aware that if you don’t have (1) a minimum of 30,000 priority points and a $100 Hartman Fund contribution for 2018; or (2) a Magill Society minimum contribution of $25,000, operators will not be standing by to take your call.


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Mike Leach on mascots

In which he wonders how Wazzou might handle a live mountain lion mascot if it “has just a good, happy life”, like Uga…


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Jim Chaney’s Job One

Is this good?  Asking for a friend.

Stupid goal line play call aside, focusing and excelling at the run game is what Georgia needed to do on offense to win.  Georgia did it.  So, yeah, that’s good.


UPDATE:  Two stats from Seth Emerson ($$):

  • “Georgia is one of only two SEC teams to rank in the top 20 nationally in both yards per rush and pass attempt.”
  • “Georgia has 48 plays that are 20 yards or longer: 28 passes, 20 rushes. Only 20 FBS schools have a closer split than Georgia’s 58 to 42 percent.”


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Dan Mullen wants to thumb wrestle somebody.

After Florida’s second straight loss returned the Gators to the level of relevancy most expected them to occupy before the season started, Dan Mullen wanted to set the record straight about one thing.

It’s not his competitiveness that’s the problem.

“I don’t care what we’re doing. You want to thumb wrestle me right now? I’m going to kick your ass. Know what I mean? If you want to come on up, I gotcha. Want to go run stadiums? I’ll kick your ass. If you’re going to keep score and someone is going to win and someone is going to lose, I want to beat your ass.”

Yeah, well, tell us about it when your team wins, Dan.  In the meantime, get back to crapping on your fans for not showing up to watch you wanting to beat someone else’s ass.


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Holding? There’s no holding in SEC football.

Just ask Hubert Owens’ crew.


Heckuva job there, Shawsie.


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J. R. Reed is a quote machine.

The reporter followed up by asking Reed if he had daydreamed about how close the Bulldogs came to knocking off Nick Saban’s team last January, and Reed couldn’t help but find it amusing.

“You daydream about Alabama?” Reed said as he cracked a smile and began laughing. “I don’t daydream about Alabama at all.”

He’s also got his head on straight.


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“Assistant coaches are generally tied to the head coach.”

That it’s cheaper for Louisville to fire Brian VanGorder along with Bobby Petrino, rather than as a separate mid-season move, is only my second favorite part of this piece.  My favorite?

Specifically, Smith finds fault with the play of the front seven — the defensive line and linebackers — two units coached by Petrino’s sons-in-law, L.D. Scott and Ryan Beard[Emphasis added.]

Nepotism, for the win.

After giving up 77 points to Clemson (the third time in four weeks that opponents had scored at least 56 points on the Cardinals) and allowing the Tigers to average better than 13 yards per rushing play, Louisville’s defense is 124th in points allowed and 115th in total defense.

VanGorder’s salary this season is just a tick under $1 million.

That’s so bad, I can’t even figure out what’s a feature and what’s a bug.


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He sounds more conventionally wise in video.

In case you were wondering, Georgia is pretty good when it runs the ball.


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