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What does Tech have to do to win Saturday?

If you’re going to try to make a case for Tech winning this Saturday, then this Michael Cunningham piece that looks through advanced stats to see where potential areas of advantage for the Jackets may exist takes a more credible approach than Mark Bradley’s “hey, rain! — it could happen!” wankery.

Of the three items he cites, the first, which is grinding on offense and staying in third-and-short situations, is his strongest.  (Plus, you know Johnson isn’t the kind of coach who punts on fourth-and-short.)  The second, generating explosive plays, is the weakest.  That’s the strength of Georgia’s defense this season and it’s hard to see why GT would succeed there.

The third is “create havoc”.  It’s a good argument; Tech can’t let Georgia’s offense do its usual impose your will thing.  The problem with blowing things up is that Tech’s been more lucky than good with turnovers this season and if Tech’s DC decides to create pressure through blitzing, that’s going to present Chaney with some opportunities to exploit.




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We’ll always have Mark Richt has lost control.

Just remember, Jeff, when one door closes, the one at Auburn opens.


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Make Jake great again.

Checking over the comparative stats for Saturday that the AJ-C posted, one thing in particular jumped out at me.


1. Northern Illinois, 3.83 per game

T-105. Georgia, 1,55 per game

T-112. Georgia Tech 1.45 per game


1. Miami, Fla., 10.2 per game

124. Georgia Tech, 4.1

125. Georgia 3.9

Neither of the defensive fronts is good at generating pressure, but you tell me which side benefits the most from that, the offense with the quarterback who’s fourth in the country in passer rating, or the one with a quarterback who would rank 85th if he had sufficient attempts to qualify?

If you want more specifics, here’s Fromm’s numbers throwing from a clean pocket before the LSU game…

… and here’s what Fromm faced in Baton Rouge.

Needless to say, that ain’t happening Saturday.  I’ll take my chances.


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“You’ll find out (on Saturday)…”

Ooh, the genius gets coy.

For its Saturday matchup against No. 5 Georgia, Georgia Tech will likely be short one defensive starter due to injury, coach Paul Johnson said Wednesday.

Johnson declined to identify the player.

I imagine Kirby’s losing a lot of sleep over that.


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Montana doesn’t get Georgia.

Jeez, Stewart ($$).

Stewart: What are your five most underrated rivalries? I feel like in-state rivalries often get overlooked (UGA/GT, South Carolina/Clemson) and the national scene misses out on some of the regional flavor. 

Dan McDermott, Davidson, N.C.

I’ll give you South Carolina-Clemson, but I don’t get the sense Georgia fans give two hoots about Georgia Tech at this point. Maybe that changes if the Jackets win this week…

All I can say in response is that you must be looking for hate in all the wrong places.


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“As God as my witness, I thought turkeys could fly.”

It’s Thanksgiving at GTP, so that can only mean one thing.

If it ain’t broke, and all…

Anyway, life may not be perfect, but there’s a helluva lot to be thankful for.  Make sure your friends and family know that.

And thanks to all you guys, too, for sticking around and making this joint what it is.


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