Make Jake great again.

Checking over the comparative stats for Saturday that the AJ-C posted, one thing in particular jumped out at me.


1. Northern Illinois, 3.83 per game

T-105. Georgia, 1,55 per game

T-112. Georgia Tech 1.45 per game


1. Miami, Fla., 10.2 per game

124. Georgia Tech, 4.1

125. Georgia 3.9

Neither of the defensive fronts is good at generating pressure, but you tell me which side benefits the most from that, the offense with the quarterback who’s fourth in the country in passer rating, or the one with a quarterback who would rank 85th if he had sufficient attempts to qualify?

If you want more specifics, here’s Fromm’s numbers throwing from a clean pocket before the LSU game…

… and here’s what Fromm faced in Baton Rouge.

Needless to say, that ain’t happening Saturday.  I’ll take my chances.


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3 responses to “Make Jake great again.

  1. Greg

    The way I read this, is that we have a sound & disciplined defense. Although we are not showing much pressure…we are 12th in the country in points allowed and 13th in total D’. Not bad….


  2. If we don’t turn the ball over (the common thread in all of our losses to Fech during the Genius’s tenure), Dawgs win because they generally won’t consistently drive the length of the field against us.


  3. The Dawg abides

    Boy, Miami must reeallly suck on offense.