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Horns down

Typical SEC fan:  Man, wasn’t it bullshit when SEC refs would flag opposing players for doing the Gator chomp while letting Tebow show his ass with that all the damned time?

Big 12 officials:  Son, hold our beers.


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Just like they drew it up.

In the aftermath of Georgia’s stunning win over Florida in the 1997 Cocktail Party, a theme developed among my group — did Jacquez Green play today? — because the Gators’ star wide receiver did almost nothing that day.

Now, I don’t want to put Josh Allen quite in that category, as he did manage two fumble recoveries (on plays that virtually fell in his lap, admittedly), but in places where it counted, he was pretty much a non-entity yesterday.

Throw in another sub-par performance from Benny Snell, and you’ve made a pretty good case for Georgia doing what it took to nullify Kentucky’s two biggest threats.  Helluva game plan there, Kirbs.



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Good news for Atlanta hotels

It’s settled, and early.

Naturally, Vegas has already weighed in.

Let’s see… Alabama just crushed LSU by 29… LSU beat Georgia by 20… carry the one, subtract the… ah, hell, forget it.

Sure, it’s hard not to be shocked and awed by this Alabama team after watching it grind LSU into dust last night, but there is still quite a bit of football left to be played, and to my eyes, at least, it appears this Georgia team is beginning to live up to its enormous potential.

There was a fair amount of passionate despondency after Baton Rouge — understandable to some extent — that Georgia’s loss was more than a one-off, that is exposed the structural flaws of both personnel and coaching staff.  Yet here we sit three weeks later having seen this same team dispatch two top ten teams in a row, clinching the division for the second year in a row.

Which is how you get to a sentiment in the wake of last night’s success that would have been widely mocked, even in our own fan base, during the bye week.

I may not be willing to go that far into the future that confidently, but it’s pretty clear this team has more in the tank than many of us thought after the LSU botch.

I’m not predicting back-to-back SEC championships here, but there are trends that at least suggest Georgia will show up next month to play.  For one thing, in what some called the SEC East’s biggest game of the year, a lot of youth was served, and served well.

Although it’s all about this season for 6th-ranked Georgia, those who watched Saturday’s 34-17 win over Kentucky received a glimpse of the future as well, on both sides of the ball.

Take linebackers Brenton Cox and Channing Tindall. They each recorded their first career sacks, while quarterback Justin Fields, offensive lineman Trey Hill, along with defensive back Otis Reese, defensive lineman Jordan Davis, and linebacker Adam Anderson made their presence known.

Head coach Kirby Smart was certainly pleased to see his youngsters take advantage of their respective opportunities.

“It builds confidence. I mean, Channing Tindall needs confidence. I’m telling y’all that guy is fast, he’s athletic; he just needs confidence. He’s been playing well on special teams. Same thing with Adam Anderson. He’s got to gain some weight; he’s got to get better,” Smart said. “Otis is a big, physical guy that has a presence. There are just a lot of young players. But look, there are guys all over that field. Jayson Stanley today makes plays, and all he’s done is contribute to special teams.”

Hill in particular came up huge.

After Lamont Gaillard went out early in the game with what Smart described as a possible hyper-extended knee, Hill went in and played the rest of the game at center.

With the exception of a high snap that resulted in one of Georgia’s two fumbles on the day, the former Houston County standout appeared to play well.

“To be honest with you, there were times this year during fall camp, when we thought Trey Hill may be a starter,” Smart said. “We kind of tossed the idea around a lot of times. He’s just continued to work. A lot of these freshmen who are on our team—highly regarded, talented players. They just keep working and they take on their roles.”

Once Gaillard went out, Georgia’s starting offensive line consisted of sophomore left tackle Andrew Thomas, redshirt sophomore Solomon Kindley, Hill, true freshman Cade Mays, and redshirt freshman Isaiah Wilson.

Two sophomores and three freshmen took it to Kentucky’s experienced defensive front and more than held their own.  Think about that for a minute.  Then think about that all those kids have three more games to play before facing ‘Bama.

And while you’re thinking about that, maybe you should think about the improvement at the most important position on the field.

Again, I’m not making any shock the world predictions here, but when Jake Fromm says“We just want to get to Atlanta. Whoever shows up shows up. We’re going to give it our best and just try to get better and win that football game.”, I’m not going to sneer at him for the suggestion, either.  Nor should any of you, Dawgnation.


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Lingerie on the field

This was one helluva run, folks.

That from a guy who says he’s still not 100%.  Jeebus, what’s left to show, D’Andre?


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Today, in great moments in contract negotiations

I know there’s no shame in college sports, but whoever was responsible for putting the atrocity that is Edsall’s contract together really should be ashamed of themselves.


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In the heat of the night

The SEC’s TV schedule for next Saturday is unraveled.

Auburn at 7PM, eh?  Is it just me, or does anyone else hear cries of “blackout!” already?


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I went to the LSU-Alabama game and all I got was this lousy sweatshirt.

Give Carville credit — he ain’t backin’ down, which is more than you can say for Mickey.

The truly hilarious thing about this whole kerfuffle is that it’s a perfect, real world example of the “it just means more” blather the SEC peddles about itself.  And obviously doesn’t mean.  Then again, that’s what marketing’s all about, ain’t it?


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When Kirby ain’t happy…

TFW you watch another goal line power play call crumble into dust.


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Social media… huh!… what is it good for?

Absolutely noth…

… okay, it does the occasional birth of a meme pretty damned well.


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