Dan Mullen wants to thumb wrestle somebody.

After Florida’s second straight loss returned the Gators to the level of relevancy most expected them to occupy before the season started, Dan Mullen wanted to set the record straight about one thing.

It’s not his competitiveness that’s the problem.

“I don’t care what we’re doing. You want to thumb wrestle me right now? I’m going to kick your ass. Know what I mean? If you want to come on up, I gotcha. Want to go run stadiums? I’ll kick your ass. If you’re going to keep score and someone is going to win and someone is going to lose, I want to beat your ass.”

Yeah, well, tell us about it when your team wins, Dan.  In the meantime, get back to crapping on your fans for not showing up to watch you wanting to beat someone else’s ass.



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60 responses to “Dan Mullen wants to thumb wrestle somebody.

  1. Jack Burton

    What a sad, pathetic man.

    The fake juice press conference.

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  2. Spike

    Gosh, Dan.. get some decaff…


  3. Biggen

    He is a clown. Fits right in at UF.

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  4. Walt

    Mullen is the human equivalent of a chihuahua.

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  5. Igor Eddie is really weird.

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  6. CPark58

    Sorry Dan, I only thumb wrestle in front of a packed house.

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    • Argondawg

      I would have loved it if some member of the media had walked up there and schooled his ass in thumb wrestling. Dan would have wanted to go to rock paper scissors. The problem can’t be him……no way.


  7. Dog

    And Mullen was supposedly who our AD wanted as the next coach at Georgia. Good grief.


  8. sniffer

    “Under Pressure” was a huge commercial hit for David Bowie in the 80’s. It’s also responsible for the behavior of UF head coaches the past decade.


  9. Tatum

    Was he that bad at MSU but I didn’t know?


  10. Mayor

    Dan needs to STFU. He shows his ass every time he opens his mouth.


  11. DC Weez

    Guys, think about how wonderful things are. Dawgs are ascending, Mullen is at Florida, the Gus Bus is at Auburn, Agent Muschamp is at USCe, the Genius is at Tech, and the Conehead is at UT. All we need to do is get a new coach at Bama.

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  12. The other Doug

    Everybody needs to click through and watch the video. Danny Boy has looked at the current record, his recruiting class, and is starting to crack.

    Please baby Jesus let Muschamp and Co find a way to win this weekend!


  13. Austin Cope

    Recruiting wise FSU and Miami are doing everything they can to help Mullen. 🙄


    • truck

      They suck, but Taggert can play the “rebuild” card and Richt is no slouch as a recruiter. Moreover, if I was a star recruit, I’d be suspect of playing for a coach whose first impulse is to throw his players under the bus, like Fishfry and now apparently Mullen.


  14. The topic of competitiveness is often brought up when coaches lose. Remember the antidotes floated around about Richt’s competitiveness? This discussion always boils down to the questioning of a coaches commitment to win, which is why coaches are so irritated when they need to convince people of this. Having said this, man Mullen seems like a dick doesn’t he?


  15. Rocketdawg

    What a douche. Perfect fit for the Crocs.


  16. stoopnagle

    He cut his teeth under Urban Meyer, didn’t he?


  17. Dawgy1

    I used to respect Mullen. But, since going to Florida as HC he’s adopted the Gator smart ass mentality. Spurrier comes to mind


  18. AusDawg85

    I could live with the current coaching lineup in the SEC East for the next 20 years.


  19. DawginCharlotte

    And I guess a even a Blind Squirrel can win the East two years in a row?

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    • Macallanlover

      Well played.

      Good thing they don’t have long winters in Gainesville, Danny Boy not much of a provider for his hungry brood.


    • Comin' Down The Track

      It also appears that a blind squirrel can have the better team and still lose two weeks in a row. Whaddya gonna do? ¯_(ツ)_/¯


  20. Bright Idea

    Mullen really makes one appreciate Kirby pressers. Brief, to the point and slim chance of saying something stupid. I’m sure Chip and the gang hate him for it.


  21. Whiskeydawg

    Maybe I just never paid too much attention to Mullen but I don’t remember him making these kind of comments at Miss State. Glad he didn’t end up in Athens.


  22. Bulldog Joe

    Some of that cocktail party ice is still melting.


  23. DawgByte

    If the Gators lose next week Mullen will probably tell reporters he’s received death threats!


  24. Toto, we’re not in Starkville anymore.


  25. TMC DAWG

    Dam I thought Booch was a bad talker!


  26. Think it’s something in the water at FU or the true paranoid, ass wipe self just over flows as HC


  27. W Cobb Dawg

    If given 100 guesses what one-on-one sport Mullen would pick to compete in, I’m not sure I’d of ever landed on thumb wrestling. Mud wrestling or alligator wrestling, maybe. But thumb wrestling?! He’s either got the mind of a 5 year old or he’s gay. Not that I’m judging.


  28. Rusty

    He’s not the guy I thought he might be.
    Not sure what that was, but I’m not all that impressed at the moment.
    Time will tell.


  29. Mike Cooley

    I’ve been in a total state of disbelief atthe characterization IsawhereofMullen as something g to be feared. Do y’all get it now? He’s a clown.