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Mr. Conventional Wisdom is learning things.

Tony can still bring it, peeps.

I don’t subscribe to TMG, but I don’t really need a subscription to finish his list, do I?



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Nick Saban has lost control of Mr. Conventional Wisdom.

As the cliché goes, when you’ve lost Tony Barnhart…

It’s officially time to throw in the towel, Nick.


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Mr. Conventional Wisdom’s take on this year’s SEC East race

I know you’re on pins and needles, so let’s not waste another minute teasing you.

About Georgia, he says,


Who they will beat: at Missouri, Tennessee, Vanderbilt, at LSU, Florida (in Jacksonville), at Kentucky, Auburn.

Who they will lose to: at South Carolina.

Analysis: Georgia has a lot of rebuilding to do, especially on defense, but they are going to rebuild with very talented players. So the best time to play the Bulldogs will be early. I went to Columbia twice in the spring and the Gamecocks are very much looking forward to Georgia’s visit on Sept. 8. Georgia gets upset at Williams-Brice Stadium and then runs the table to the SEC East championship.

I guess what it takes to beat the Dawgs these days is to be very much looking forward to playing them.  Remember, you heard it here first.


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Another searing hot take from Mr. Conventional Wisdom

Tony had to wait a few days to make sure it was safe to post this.

Can’t wait to hear about spring ball.  Indeed, why should I wait?  Please take a minute to share Barnhart’s likely thoughts in the comments section.  You can do this!


UPDATE:  He’s just getting warmed up.


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Tony’s Tennessee take

Mr. Conventional Wisdom goes all in on In Fulmer We Trust.

A man who staged palace coups to get both his head coach and athletic director jobs — and along the way to the latter, blew up a deal with a sitting head coach — is suddenly a paragon of trustworthiness?  Please continue, Mr. Barnhart.


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Mr. Conventional Wisdom brings it.

Here’s this morning’s cutting edge analysis.

Give him credit for one thing — you don’t need to read any further than his tweet.  The man sure packs a ton on insight into 140 characters.


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You know you’ve been waiting for the next steaming hot take from Mr. Conventional Wisdom.

So many pundits promise consistency.  Tony’s greatness lies in that he actually delivers.


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