Thursday morning buffet

Sample the wares, peeps.

  • Graham is reporting that College Gameday will head to Charlotte for Georgia’s opener.  Really, it would have been a surprise had it been announced it was going elsewhere.
  • I’m old enough to remember when UCF said they’d play a 2-for-1 with Florida over their dead body.
  • The best play in football is(h/t Josh)
  • Brent Venables is making serious bank.
  • Georgia is sending two players to next week’s SEC Media Days, JT Daniels and Jordan Davis.  What’s the over/under on the number of times Daniels gets asked why he didn’t start sooner last season?
  • Is it now or never for Georgia?”  Narrative, if you’ve lost Mr. Conventional Wisdom…
  • Take this for what it’s worth, a post from someone attending a luncheon yesterday at which Coach Smart spoke about the team.
  • Geoff Collins, the college football director of player personnel pioneer.


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30 responses to “Thursday morning buffet

  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    I can’t stand these young whippersnappers who use initials for everything! It’s not a text boy! CKS, JTD, CDL, WTF, PDQ, OMG!
    The late, great Robin Williams skewers overuse of initials:


    • Yeah that luncheon snippet was a little difficult for me too…I thought I needed a stenographer

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    • RangerRuss

      That soldier who was in the shavetail’s way must’ve really pissed him off. Pvt. Sal Abersold was transferred to the 25th Infantry where his buddy Sanderson picked up a booby-trapped ammo box of enemy documents, blowing them both up. That pissed SFC Barnes off in a bad way.
      Connecting the dots between Good Morning, Vietnam and Platoon.
      Actor Richard Edson has a most recognizable profile.

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  2. Hogbody Spradlin

    The best play in football? I think Bear Bryant was quoted thusly: “The best play in football? It’s the one where the player throws the ball to the official after scoring a touchdown.”

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  3. Bonus points in Mr. CW’s write up for the cliché “That’s why we play the games.”

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  4. Ran A

    To TB’s credit, he did say he wasn’t buying the “now or never” narrative for CKS. And I think he had it about right, with the exception of A&M. They lose most of their O-Line and breaking in a new QB. In this league, that almost always means you are taking a pretty good step back.

    And he ‘hopes’ Auburn will be better than most think. Not buying that either. With your best receiver coming in a late transfer from Georgia, you got problems. And a starting QB with accuracy issues? Take the run away and Auburn is toast. I think Bigsby will have a good year, but he’s going to get a lot more attention this year. I think his carries will go up, but his average will go down. Lot of “wear and tear” coming this year for this kid.

    The more I look at Tennessee, the more you can see that they had better win early. Really thin roster, and their are bound to be injuries and all kinds of problems with a defense that will likely be on the field a lot more, since UT will run the hurry up.

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  5. Down Island Way

    Looking at the attendees for sec dayz…most if not all teams had 1 “O” player and 1 “D” player…only FU is sending two d players…be forewarned, this only a move by the port-o-let master by disguising the FU shortcomings on the o side and will blame towel boy for this seasons 8-4 finish…#FTMF (3rd and gratham meets 3 and out mullin)…

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  6. Harold Miller

    On JT I going with an O/U of 13.5.


  7. drunkenmonken

    No toss sweep on the list?

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  8. MGW

    Good lord can we please start getting these “new exciting series” on the schedule a little sooner and in back to back years? It’s like they get together and say “let’s play some games, but also how can we make it as un-exciting as possible for our fans?”


  9. Greg

    Daniels was sort of expected……but Kudos to Davis, probably my favorite player.

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  10. gurkhadawg

    I can tell you why Daniels didn’t start sooner: Because the coaches felt that Bennett gave the team the best chance to win. All the coaches can go by is what they see in practice. Obviously they liked Bennett more. Don’t know whether it was command of the playbook, accuracy, being in synch with the receivers or what. Everyone has said it wasn’t the knee. Same reason Mathis started the first game. He was better in practice than in a real game. Maybe Daniels is better in a real game than in practice.

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  11. californiadawg

    I’m just happy the buffets are back because the season is getting real close now and all I wanna do is F’ING EAT!

    (sorry had to)

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  12. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    Two things:
    1) Can Clemson afford to pay Venables now that NIL rules are in play? Will there be enough money for the school to pay him? Maybe that’s why it’s only a one year extension? 😉

    2) “some don’t like CDL”? Who doesn’t like CDL? Maybe he’s referring to Commercial Driver License?


    • 69Dawg

      Look Venables is a master at the art of stealing the Offenses signals. You’ve got to pay a guy with that kind of talent. Look what OSU did to them when he couldn’t steal the signals because OSU was going too fast to get the info to his D. Grantham at UF tries to be like Venable but he can’t do it fast enough. IF Kirby can prevent the steal by changing his signals and going fast we will kill them offensively.


      • jcdawg83

        Venable also gets to face 11 or 12 laughable regular season teams with top 5 level talent on defense every season. In pretty much every game before the playoff, Clemson is the equivalent of a AAAAAA HS team playing a A team. It’s not too hard to have great stats when you face no real threats.


  13. Leggo5

    The Venables article references Kevin Steele’s former $2.5M salary. He’s sitting out the ’21 season. Crazy!


  14. Clayton Joiner

    I don’t know many, if any, that have a problem with Lanning as our DC….anyone??

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