Mike Leach on mascots

In which he wonders how Wazzou might handle a live mountain lion mascot if it “has just a good, happy life”, like Uga…


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34 responses to “Mike Leach on mascots

  1. stoopnagle

    I pet Ralphie in 2010.

    And she’s a bison. But that’s on CU.


  2. Dolly Llama

    Senator, your fascination with this guy fascinates me.


  3. Hogbody Spradlin

    Why not a horny 45 year old divorced woman?


    • 202dawg

      Maybe a picture of Courtney Cox.


    • thickdawg

      Well, she would almost certainly be living a “good, happy life” on a college campus


    • The Dawg abides

      Yep. Put her on the sideline in little black dress, holding a glass of Riesling and smoking a Virginia slim. Then when she’s tipsy by mid-third quarter she can start eyeballing guys in the opposing student section, really pissing off their little fat girlfriends.


  4. The Truth

    A cougar in a hotel room in Pullman…hmm…..


  5. Greg

    Would like to sit down & drink a beer or two with Leach & Spurrier.


  6. David K

    Leach seems like the type of guy that loves to hear himself talk and thinks he’s a lot more interesting than he actually is.


  7. Corch Irvin Meyers New WR Corch

    Tennessee really screwed the pooch when they allowed Fat Phil to override the decision to bring Mike Leach to Rocky Top. He’s the one guy who could actually win there given their current situation (severe in-state talent deficit).

    Whether he would tire of the toxic fishbowl atmosphere in Knoxville is one thing, and Andy Staples did a good job explaining why he likely would. But man, the guy knows offense and wins with 3-stars. That’s exactly the guy you need in Tangerine Country.

    A Saban disciple who only knows how to win with 5-stars when there are no 5-stars to be found in state is not the guy who can win amongst those cousin-loving hillbillies.


    • Mayor

      I breathed a sigh of relief when Phatass overruled hiring Leach. Look at what Leach has done at places that are graveyards. I can only imagine what Mike Leach would accomplish at a place like UT. Luckiest thing that happened to Georgia this past off-season–other than signing Fields.

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  8. Macallanlover

    After hearing about him following a raccoon around Pullman just to see what he does, I suggest they adopt a raccoon and treat him/her to “the good life”. If AU can have 3-4 different “mascots”, surely a dude like The Pirate should be given some rope to experiment and diversify Wazzu.


  9. BlazerDawg

    Was at Valdosta State when Leach was Mumme’s OC. Favorite memory of him was in 1996ish playoff game at Carson Newman in the 40 degree rain. It was a mud bowl and our high powered O was not doing much. At halftime, Leach and Mumme were siding cross legged with a clipboard outside the locker room drawing up new plays. Been amusing to me seeing him go from D2 OC to what he is today.


  10. The other Doug

    The part about domesticating a Cougar reminded that a few months ago a mountain lion got in someone’s house maybe a half mile from the stadium.

    I imagine the house cat heard someone come home and came running thinking dinner was about to be served.


  11. hassan

    Mike Leach is like the drunk guy at the bar at 3:00 in the afternoon.


  12. 69Dawg

    Friendliest personality you ever want to meet. Saw him walking out of B.O.’s Fish Shack in Key West. I walked over to him and said Hi coach and he stopped and talked to me for 5 minutes. When he found out I was a UGA fan he talked about his time in Georgia and having met Erk.


  13. Mayor

    Leach’s team is quietly having an outstanding season this year, too. I’m already on record as predicting the Cougars will win the PAC 12 North and since no team in the South is any good this year I think it’s likely WSU will win the PAC 12 championship. If they don’t lose another game they have a real shot at the 4 team playoff, too, depending on what happens going forward with the other conferences and ND.