Maybe it’s lonely in Seat 37F.

This is the most bizarre column Mike Bianchi has ever written — and that’s saying something.

I might be the wrong guy to be writing this, but — cringe! — isn’t it time for Gator Nation to welcome the second-greatest coach in school history back into its good graces? Isn’t it time to put the Urbanator into the school’s Ring of Honor for what he accomplished as a head coach?

I know, I know, you think I’ve lost my mind. You think I’ve fallen victim to the Meyer mind meld that somehow, someway has convinced the saintly Tim Tebow that Urban is actually a man of class and character. But you have to admit that if Tebow loves him, can Meyer really be all bad?

No, I have not personally or professionally changed my stance on Meyer’s unique interpretation of the truth. If you’ve read my columns enough, you know my feelings on Meyer, who is, without question, the most duplicitous, disingenuous coach I’ve ever covered.

I still think he bailed on UF when his program started coming apart, even though he laughably claimed he was quitting to spend more time with his family. Florida’s administration even gave him a $1 million bonus upon his departure. Meyer then kicked Gator Nation in the gut when he resurfaced at Ohio State months later.

I’ve written many critical columns on “Urban Liar” over the years, including last season when he blatantly lied about his knowledge of domestic violence accusations against his former assistant coach Zach Smith. Personally, I think Ohio State should have fired Meyer instead of just suspending him for three games.

But, yeah, Florida should rush out and embrace the man.  Seriously, WTF?  Then again, maybe this is just another troll.  But if so, why bother?



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25 responses to “Maybe it’s lonely in Seat 37F.

  1. 81Dog

    Sure, he’s a garbage human, and a prevaricating hypocrite without peer, but he won two NCs. Would you rather the Gators honored the Zooker? Jimmy Mac? In the entire almost 30 year history of Florida football, IRVIN STANDS ALONE.

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  2. Spike

    Ok.. I dumber just reading that. He thinks Jort Nation should honor him, but he is the biggest POS there ever was in coaching? Stop the world.. I wanna get off.


  3. DC Weez

    And after they honor Corch they could then honor Aaron Hernandez.

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  4. truck

    I needed a compass and a flashlight to negotiate the turns in that article.

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  5. 79Dawg

    Sounds to me like he definitely meets all the “criteria” for going into the Florida Ring of Honor…

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  6. MDDawg

    Maybe he just forgot to use the sarcasm font?


  7. Russ.

    I’m as cheap a bastard as any of you, so I love free websites (thanks, Senator). That said, the difference between the clickbait that free newspapers have become and paid sites like The Athletic is so stark even I paid up.

    This “article” by Bianchi is a prime example of what’s wrong with newspapers these days.


  8. Derek

    As observation teaches me that most fans would rather have trophies than a decent human being at the helm, who gives a fuck about the off the field shit, really?

    He won 2 natties there. That’s what they paid him for. That’s what they wanted. Why start having shame now?


    • They don’t care that he’s a shitty person. They care that his being shitty affected THEM… in that he left them for another new shiny opportunity. Same thing will happen in Columbus when he pops up at Notre Dame in December of next year.


      • GruvenDawg

        he will be going to USC in California. It’s better for his brain condition and they don’t have the entry requirements the Notre Dame has.


  9. Doug

    Would CUM even be able to fit a Ring of Honor ceremony into his schedule? He’s got that leadership class to teach at tOSU, after all.

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  10. DawgPhan

    He has a point that someone so adept at lying, so comfortable among the dregs should be honored by the swamp people.

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  11. NCDawg

    The further we go the behinder we get ! After these last two months of college football I can understand Mike doing recreational drugs. If this crap continues we should all be held accountable for funding this narrative of what once under a guise of amateur sports is now shinning its big ole hairy butts in our face. Really, we need to find something in life that just means more on Saturday’s in the fall. Plus the off season which this had been as radical a beginning I can remember and this August will be my 67th.
    Senator, my hats off to you and your work. It’s the best but sadly reading a sports columnist is like watching the evening news. After about 5-10 minutes you get tired of hearing the name calling and dishing out of barbs. Sometimes Enough is Enough. “These are times that try men’s soul” !


  12. The Dawg abides

    Two things. First from the article: Tebow (who by the way has acquired a pretty impressive beard as of late) doesn’t seem like he’d be too hard for Urban to “ mind meld”. Second, you can just tell by Bianchi’s eyes that he has that irrational craziness that some people have.


  13. SlobberKnocker

    Why bother? The answer is obvious to me: Clicks (and I didn’t)

    Oh, and I agree with this cherry picked phrase from the column “Meyer, who is, without question, the most duplicitous, disingenuous coach”


  14. Dawg19

    It reads like Bianchi is trying to do his best Mark Antony impression.,


  15. Well, if Tebow loves him …….