He doesn’t write; he doesn’t call.

For those of you who have worried about Kirby Smart’s lack of public comment so far this year, maybe he’s just been too busy otherwise.


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6 responses to “He doesn’t write; he doesn’t call.

  1. Normaltown Mike

    “2021 offensive tackle Amarius Sims was honored as one of the “Super Seven Players of the Year.” Sims is a 6-foot-7, 300-pound offensive lineman”

    hubba hubba


  2. I am surprised he didn’t give a post-season/post-NSD presser. I don’t imagine he wanted the questions about how the season finished and the Fields transfer. Probably a good move by Felton and Kirby not to have something. For those of us who would like to hear more about what’s going on, it’s frustrating not to hear anything.

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  3. WNCDawg

    Perhaps Coach Kirbs is giving his players a hint of how to handle the media, a moment to late for the bowl game. Good advice perhaps for the19’ season.


  4. It’s a shame our coach has to sneak around like this.


  5. CB

    Damn. I live in Macon and nobody told me.


  6. Salty Dawg

    I’m cuttin Kirbs some slack. I don’t care what his communication frequency is, just as long as he keeps crootin!