Kirby’s presser

Something old.

Something new.

(Somebody’s been reading some Bill Connelly, it appears.)

Something borrowed (from PAWWWLLL!!!).

(Of course, he doesn’t say whether he has a relationship issue with anyone else in Tuscaloosa, so I guess we’ll await further news from Finebaum.)

Something blue.

I didn’t think it was possible, but Mr. Impose Your Will has managed to make Mike Bobo and Mike Leach spin simultaneously in their graves.  Rhetorically speaking, that is.


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5 responses to “Kirby’s presser

  1. Texas Dawg

    I’m shocked. Paul Finebaum reported something that was not accurate. I’m sure that has never happened before and this is just a one off. (There really should be a sarcasm font).

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  2. GruvenDawg

    The comment about the offense is expected. I know Kirby sets the identity. Hopefully our new OC wont pull a 1st half Missouri like last year. They were stout against the run and bad against the pass and we focused on the run game for too long. If we are going to be balanced and attack a teams weakness then attack a teams weakness.


  3. Kirby gonna Kirby. (Looks at Clemson Fresh hit another 20 yarder)


  4. FlyingPeakDawg

    Georgia fans to Kirby: “Run the Damn Ball but throw a lot to big open receivers and use mis-direction at precisely the right moment…but no fake kicks”

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