Aaron Murray has lost control over Mark Richt’s meme.

This is how he did it.

“I remember Coach Richt – he was super strict,” He was no bs at all,” Murray said. “You are going to keep screwing around, you are gone. I remember Isaiah Crowell was the SEC freshman of the year and they next year he gets arrested and he gets kicked off the team. Coach Richt was like ‘hey, I gave you two opportunities. And you obviously were not mature enough at that time to handle it. I don’t care if you were freshman of the year. You are out of here.”

Obviously, that lesson sunk in deeply.  Just ask Nick Marshall and Trey Matthews.



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  1. Crowell had a handgun with the serial number ground off if I remember correctly. Isn’t that a felony?


  2. artful codger

    That’s part of the problem. Certain youthful mindsets, the same ones that convince them of invincibility, just don’t easily learn lessons from watching what happens to other people. They believe they can break a rule and are too smart to get caught.


  3. J-Dawg

    We had a solution in the Army for situations involving knuckleheads called a “blanket party”. It works! I’m sure some of you veterans are familiar with it.

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    • MDDawg

      Did you order the Code Red?!


    • Gurkha Dawg

      Yep, very effective punishment. Just so you avoided the head, serious injuries were rare. But they are now illegal in the US military. Can you imagine if that happened on a college campus? Holy Shit!


      • Uglydawg

        Blanket Parties have always been illegal in the military. But they were subtly winked at by the Navy, Army and USMC in the 60’s and before.
        The Air Force was a little more civilized.
        There was also a behavioral correction device called a “Patio Party”..which was a patio brush scrub down of a persistent scrounge. It was described to us in boot camp..almost as a suggestion or perhaps a deterrent to scrounginess.
        The official cure for wayward behavior was to attend a “marching party”..usually conducted by a sadistic, sailor hating Marine.
        But the most terrible and officially legal behavioral adjustment was serving time in Correctional Custody.
        “Tacking on of the Crow” a “reward” for getting promoted is also outlawed now..
        “Keel Hauled” is the worst punishment mariners ever invented..long time gone..as it flogging…which was once officially used to promote discipline.
        The Navy still uses brig time with bread and water rations as a punishment.


        • AlphaDawg

          USMC did away with the CCU units back in the early aughts. I read recently that a few commands have brought them back as pilot programs with an eye at retention. I always thought they worked well, it was a last chance at finishing an initial enlistment for some or simply as a deterrent for others.

          It always amused me that they spent an hour or so a day literally making small rocks out of big rocks and all those small rocks are used to “beautify” grounds around the barracks.


        • UnderDog68

          I thought keelhauling was being dragged underneath the ship so that the barnacles would cut a man up….and then, if the sailor lived, they were flogged.


  4. Mark

    Does the fact that Marshall and Matthews didn’t profit from Crowell’s example mean that Richt (and Smart, for that matter) shouldn’t continue to have and enforce standards? Or do you just mean boys will be boys no matter what? I am not sure what you meant by that last comment.


    • Ben

      I took it to mean that some kids just don’t learn. “Boys will be boys” is a dumb, meaningless excuse, but some people just don’t get it.

      Think of everything you did in college or when you were young that you didn’t get caught doing, and realize that we weren’t smarter; we were just lucky.


  5. Charlottedawg

    Nobody cares about off field behavior if you win enough. Richt’s problem was the latter not the former.

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    • Athens Townie

      That’s true. Another problem for Richt’s intentions as a disciplinarian was his poor roster management.


  6. 86BONE

    Said this before and will say it again….this group of young men are going to do two things EVERY day….smoke splief and chase women, it’s just a fact!


  7. Bright Idea

    With the thrill of the SEC recruiting chase over no big deal, just transfer to Alabama State where’s there’s less legal scrutiny and end up in the NFL anyway.


  8. ASEF

    It’s kind of interesting to watch parents at church. The ones who don’t really kick into gear as parents until they notice people noticing, and then it’s usually a dramatic display of taking back control. And the ones who are much more low key and don’t worry too much what others are thinking, just keep working their relationships with their kids.


  9. Russ

    All coaches have knuckleheads on their teams. Richt and Smart have dealt with the problems as they have come up. Not sure what else they could do. It always pissed me off that people thought Richt was soft on discipline when I thought he was the opposite. We had players suspended BECAUSE he enforced discipline. How many times did Stephen Garcia get arrested/in trouble at SC and how many times was he suspended? Same question for Florida. Yet we’re the ones with players “out of control”.


  10. 2675miller

    “and more portions of marijuana were found in a purple Allstate Sugar Bowl box on a small dresser in Cox’s room, according to the report obtained Wednesday by AJC-DawgNation.” How Ironic. That may explain a lot.


  11. Ray Avret

    Well we are out to AL East as they say so Guns, Dope, Assaulting Women all that may become the new norm and hey we are still just that one step away from a title under this coach no change from the last