New kids and a defensive depth chart projection

The striking thing in comparing Jake Rowe’s summer projection of Georgia’s depth chart on defense to his projection on offense is the relative absence of new contributors expected to make a serious impact this season.

What mention is made of the newcomers is relatively muted.  Travon Walker “has a chance to carve out a role for himself”.  Jermaine Johnson, who I continue to have high hopes for, is seen as a three-down player, but as part of an OLB ensemble.  Nakobe Dean?  Well, he’s described, along with Channing Tindall, as “two of Georgia’s most athletic inside linebackers but neither has grasped the defense to this point like Rice and Crowder”.  Nolan Smith barely rates a comment.

If there’s an area where one or more of the newbies are seen most positively, it’s in the secondary, where DJ Daniel is pushing Campbell and Tyrique Stevenson has gotten off to a fast start (he’s big, too).  Cine has looked good, but there’s simply too much experienced talent ahead of him to crack the two-deep.

I find this somewhat interesting, given the general consensus that Georgia’s offense appears more formidable at present than does its defense.  Are folks overestimating one group, or underestimating the other?  Or is it simply the case that the 2019 class has some remarkable offensive talent?


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5 responses to “New kids and a defensive depth chart projection

  1. pantslesspatdye

    This review has me in full-on regular season mode. Good grief at the three deep.


  2. Macallanlover

    I think the defense is better than what many expect, and the offense can be as lethal as predicted. Only question mark for me is how good Coley will be as an OC. In other words, this is a really good team top to bottom. I believe they will prove this if the coaches just get out of the way.


    • Dylan Dreyer's Booty

      ^Exactly. Even the folks that are all in on Bama and Clemson in the finals acknowledge that we are as talented. However, the other two have done it before, and we haven’t….yet.


  3. Should all that be true concerning the UGA defense, special team play should be really good this year (given team depth), UGA offensively will carry the day, hopefully minimizing defensive shortcomings early in the schedule (3-6 games)


  4. Atticus

    We will have a 3rd string 5 star at ILB. And possibly OLB as well. Defense is going to be sick if they can get a push in the middle.