What do you get when you mash Zach Smith and conspiracy theory?

Former Ohio State wide receivers coach Zach Smith does not believe Urban Meyer has coached his last game. On his new podcast, Menace 2 Society, Smith explained why he believes Meyer will end up at USC.

“Someone that I know. That works in the United States Postal Service dropped a bomb on me last week. He tells me that Urban Meyer, his address, his house, has had certified mail delivered to and sent from to the University of Southern California. I’m talking several letters,” said Smith.

Smith could not confirm if this was true, but he believed it to be a decent source as Smith and Meyer both live in Dublin, Ohio.

“I will go on the record. Again I don’t know that he has communicated with them. It’s a decent source” said Smith.

However, at the end of the day Smith sounded confident that Meyer would end up at USC.

“I would put 1,000 dollars that he will be the head coach of USC in the near future” continued Smith.

And guess who continues to live rent-free in this mook’s head…

Yeah, that’s the first we’ve heard of Corch and USC, Zach.  Don’t quit your day job… oh, right, you don’t have one of those now.


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18 responses to “NostraZachus

  1. He has a job now. He’s a social media influencer lol.


  2. 79Dawg

    I know its your blog and all, but why anyone continues to waste any time on this loser is beyond me…


  3. ChiliDawg

    …..his podcast name is “menace to society?”

    Well, that’s the first thing he’s gotten right in years.

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    • Cojones

      And that’s sad. Why and how does he have a radio program as if he has been done wrong and has a portion of the OSU crowd think he has value in his words while no value in his pater familiar actions? Bet he uses Pomaide.


  4. Gurkha Dawg

    I think that one of our fellow commenters on GTP has “Corch to USC” ( or something like that ) in his handle. Maybe Zach reads GTP!


  5. Doug

    It pains me to think of the oxygen this chump is using up that could’ve been put to better use elsewhere.


  6. JCDawg83

    Urban has to be about sick of spending time with his family by now. He could only stand them for one year last time.


  7. mdcgtp

    The conditions for Urban are eerily similar to the situation he stepped into a OSU. The Big Ten that Urban stepped into was complete wasteland without any program anywhere near OSU in terms of talent. The Pac 12 is awful, and Carroll showed what could be done at USC with the right coach and great recruiting. I am just not sure that Meyer is the “right coach” anymore. His offenses are no longer innovative, and while he may still be able to recruit elite talent, he has far more competition for that title than he did when he arrived at UF in December 2004. That said, my GUESS is that he probably thinks that if he can somehow get USC a title (which he won’t) that 4 titles at 3 schools might trump Saban’s 6 titles at 2 schools in some people’s eyes (which it won’t). The above may be a guess, but I know one thing for sure. He wants NO part of the SEC. If Gus, O, or even Mullen get fired after this season, he isn’t raising his hand for any of those jobs.


    • Classic City Canine

      I agree that Urbs is never coming back to the SEC. I also think he could turn USC into a dominating force again in the PAC 12, but I disagree that he has no competition. His division is soft, but Oregon, UW, and WSU all have respectable programs right now. It wouldn’t be as soft as the BIG was when Meyer arrived.


  8. Mike Cooley

    Menace II Society? What grade is he in?


  9. I would be interested to know how many people subscribe to his podcast and what guests would be willing to appear on his podcast. He’s truly one of the bad guys in sports.


  10. Couple of things here, dude needs pod heads to listen to his B.S., should the state find out he might be gambling a grand versus paying child support….and if you believe a postal carrier, given their history of timely deliveries…hell those letters could have been sent prior to the hiring at tosu and just now being delivered ….”when you control the mail, you control…information”…..