Style alert

In a shocking development, Nike wants to separate you from some of the contents of your wallet.




Nike React Element 55 “Georgia”

Style Code: CK4839-001
Color: Black/White/University Red
Release Date: TBA
Price: $140

You have been warned.


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34 responses to “Style alert

  1. 202dawg

    Those are horrid. Way too similar to the 09 Cocktail Party unis.


  2. Mark

    I can resist.


  3. I got last years and plan to wear them for 4 more years


    • Russ

      I found a pair of plain red and black Nikes at the outlet store about 4 years ago. They won in South Bend and in Pasadena. I reckon they’re good for another 5 years or so.

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  4. JCDawg83

    They are specially designed for taking a knee during the national anthem.


  5. chopdawg

    Guess Colin must’ve OK’d these, or Nike wouldn’t be selling them.


  6. Godawg

    No thanks. I’ll be wearing my hobnails to K’ville.


  7. ugafidelis

    I’d be curious to know how long the Dawg head on the inside lasts, if they’re used for everyday wear.


    • KornDawg

      I have a pair of the Nikes from a couple of years ago that I’ve been wearing daily for a while. The word “Dawgs” is written on the insole, and it shows no real signs of fading away anytime soon.


  8. ApalachDawg

    Bad ass


  9. Doubledawg09

    I detest the entire Nike design philosophy as it pertains to its branding of UGA. I will forever be sick that we let them change our traditional block numbers on the jerseys…

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  10. Remember the Quincy

    It’s really hard to make red and black sneakers look respectable when worn by an adult. I love UGA an awful lot, but not this much.


  11. Kiddodawg

    Sell them to colin Kaepernick


  12. Gene Simmons

    SCREW NIKE! and the horse they rode in on…


  13. Mad Mike

    Uglier than a mud fence.


  14. Spike

    Any come in Betsy Ross flag colors? Ooops did I trigger anyone?


  15. CB

    Ugly AF imo. I like the ones from earlier this year. I wonder if their price will drop?


  16. HiAlt Dawg

    They’ll be half price at Academy in a few months


  17. I don’t plan on ever buying any more Nike apparel. It used to be all I would wear. If a company doesn’t want their politics judged, then they should stay out of politics and away from polarizing political stunt pullers.


    • Got Cowdog

      If those come in a 10EE I’ll have them overnighted. Getting old with a foot like a shovel sucks; all you can find that fit comfortably are black, grey or the awful white leather 90’s style things. And “Skechers”
      DGARA about Nike politics but I do love a pair of bad sneakers.