Somewhere on the border between fate and freaky

Check out Jamie Newman’s high school logo and jersey colors:

Screenshot_2020-01-13 Jamie Newman How Georgia football will remind him a lot of back home

His high school coach, Anthony Timmons, opted to reach for something from the divine column.

“I think it is God’s plan,” he said. “I told a reporter earlier this morning I believe. I am kind of glad I kept some of my old Graham gear. That way I can pull out a Graham hat that has got the Graham and the Georgia ‘G’ on it and feel right at home.”

“I’m a firm believer that everything happens for a reason.”

It isn’t an exact match. Graham High is known as the Red Devils. Not the Bulldogs.

“Everything except the mascot,” Timmons said. “But we tried to be Georgia and like Georgia through and through with everything.”

Weird, hunh?

Feel free to insert your “McGarity is going to ask for retroactive royalties” joke here, if you like.


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17 responses to “Somewhere on the border between fate and freaky

  1. They must recruit high school kids at Graham because that’s the only time you see the black jerseys at UGA.


    • SlobberKnocker

      I was gonna post something similar. Honestly, I like the look of the black jerseys and wish we would wear them occasionally. And it seems to me that based on the number of recruiting photos we see with kids wearing them that Kirby would want to “support” that by actually wearing them every now and then. I really don’t get why we never wear them anymore.


  2. 81Dog

    Cease and desist letter from McJughead coming in 3,2,1…..


  3. Hogbody Spradlin

    That’s a nice bit of good karma. That G is fairly common though. My Alma Mater, the Grimsley Whirlies, use it, and the local Georgetown Bulldogs too. They both sport navy and white. I believe UGA owns the copyright.

    *That’s right, the WHIRLIES.


    • JasonC

      WTF is a Whirlie?


    • gastr1

      Dooley, et. al. had to clear up with the Green Bay Packers that they’d basically stolen their G, though.


    • Sweet D

      I believe Green Bay owns the copyright since we received permission from them to use it.


      • Hogbody 'Intellectual Property' Spradlin

        Pardon me arguing friend. The Packers used the oval G before UGA, and I read somewhere that UGA registered the mark first and now licenses it to Green Bay.
        I can’t confirm for sure, but UGA claims ownership of the trademark.


        • FlyingPeakDawg

          I believe the legend of the G goes that some intrepid UGA alum lawyers at Spaulding law firm in Atlanta in the mid-80’s found that the G and Bulldog picture were not trademarked. They filed and permitted Green Bay use in perpetuity but sent letters to places like the Georgetown Hoyas to pay up or cease. This was just after our run with Herschel, TV rights fight together with Oklahoma, etc. Not sure how accurate all that is, but it’s the story I tell to everyone in a bar who asks if my G is for Green Bay. (“No…it’s Georgia, but let me tell you something about the G….).


  4. JasonC

    I see that Graham succumbed to the outcry for fake juice and opted for the black jerseys ##

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  5. jermainesdye

    Strong ’89 Ray Goff Peach Bowl Vibes there.


  6. duronimo

    The Masonic “G” could be another coincidence. I saw one in Athens one time. To get a hell of a quarterback …. cross a Red Devil with a Dawg?


  7. hassan

    UGA traditionally has owned no branding other than the arch. The Power “G” is from Green Bay, the standing Uga is from Mack Trucks, and the Uga headshot is from Georgetown. All of which we have licensed from their originators. Hence, we now have new typeface that we created (the softer rounded lettering) and the newer frontal view graphic on the Uga mascot art. So the University is moving towards branding that we created and own (with the help of Nike).