“It’s not treason to leave a university…”

It sounds like Tom Mars isn’t going scorched earth (at least not publicly) with the University of Georgia over Cade Mays’ transfer waiver request after all ($$).

“In this case, there’s no value in being more explicit about what happened,” Mars said. “Being at all transparent about what happened would probably not sit well with Georgia fans anyway. Because I don’t think any of those Georgia fans want to hear anything that’s the least bit critical of their school’s athletic department or their football coaching staff. In fact, the decision to remain quiet about this is a very principled decision. It’s not one that’s necessarily to the advantage of Cade Mays or his family. It’s one that’s the appropriate approach and an approach that’s respectful toward Georgia.

“I’m sitting in Atlanta right now. I’m not interested in trashing UGA, and there’s no benefit to doing that. And even if I tried to be very diplomatic about it, I’m sure what I had to say would not sit well with anybody in Athens or anybody that’s part of Dawg Nation. The decision to not talk about it is not only a decision that reflects the privacy every student-athlete has, it’s also a decision that reflects respect for the process and for UGA. If UGA wanted to try this case in the press, I’d be happy to. But I don’t think they want to. And therefore, I don’t have any desire to.”

For what it’s worth, he says daddy’s folding chair lawsuit is not a factor in the waiver request.



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38 responses to ““It’s not treason to leave a university…”

  1. Jeff Sanchez

    So magnanimous! A regular Saint, he is…

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  2. Dawgfan Will

    “Because I don’t think any of those Georgia fans want to hear anything that’s the least bit critical of their school’s athletic department or their football coaching staff.”

    Has this guy met any Georgia fans?

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  3. What a jackass. I don’t want to try my case in the media, but I’ll throw out all sorts of innuendo that gets my client his way.

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  4. DawgPhan

    He aint wrong.


  5. Doggoned

    I agree with Mars about one thing: Every athlete should get a one-time free transfer without sitting out. Stop the shell game.

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  6. spur21

    He might be the poster child of why lawyers in general are looked down on – well that is until you need one.


    • MGW

      If you’ve ever needed a lawyer, you know that precisely half of them are always correct and decent and honest hard working people who fight for what is right, and the other half are low down dirty pieces of lying shit. Yours is the good one and theirs is the bad one, every time.

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  7. Paul

    So that sounds like he’s saying whatever reason he has is really, really bad but he can’t tell us because it might offend our delicate sensibilities. Why not just say it’s on double secret probation? That would be less ridiculous.


    • Dawg1

      In other words, “I ain’t got shit, so I’m using innuendo because if I had shit, ANY shit, even a scintilla of shit, I’d be Throwing that shit at UGA to get my way.”

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      • Down Island Way

        Should you take his name, interviews he throws out and face them towards a mirror…SRAMMOT is his name and i’m telling you brutha’s that man is straight from the depths of hell itself, sounds he makes emulate those of a deaf jackass, pure blasphemy oozes from it’s lips/anal region, if snake oil was legal today, that soul would have a fanny pack full for all transfers to see….be wary when entering….”The transport portal”


  8. Bigshot

    So, I’ll just leave it out there for people to imagine the worst. He’s a scumbag!

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  9. Lol. Walk like a duck….


  10. RangerRuss

    Ya’ll know that invariably there will be someone in your organization who will become a malcontent no matter how well things are run. What else could you expect when you recruit from that trashy part of the world?


    • Milton Dawg

      I was about to make a very similar comment before I got to your reply. As a small business owner, my partners and I bend over backwards to accommodate our employees. From not penalizing paid vacation for injuries or extended sickness to eating the ridiculous increases in health insurance premiums, it is regularly things that take money out of our pockets. But it seems like someone is always upset about something and it is our fault.


  11. This guy sounds extremely douchey.


  12. TN Dawg

    I guess if UGA backs down, we can assume there is something unsavory they’d rather not discuss.


    • Tony Barnfart

      Or, he ain’t got shit. But then he needs to bait UGA into as many comments as possible so he can then interpret those as creating a sort of “hostile work environment” flowing from the lawsuit etc., a tainted environment that young Cade had no choice but to leave.

      UGA could maybe call his bluff on that and just lay his strategy bare in the press… “we love cade, our compliance and outside lawyers are dealing with the suit, but it has absolutely zero effect on how we feel about the Mays family around Butts Mehre or campus. They have been and remained as welcome as they were on the day we met them. Whatever the NCAA determines is fine with us, but fact patterns established exclusively by Mr. Mars that have no bearing on reality should not be accepted at face value… particularly given the inherent conflict of interest that exists between his alternating positions of representing and being adverse to what should be a neutral institutional decision maker.”

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  13. Bill Glennon

    He’s just adopting a different tactic because he dosen’t think scorched earth will be effective, or he’s trying out different approaches.

    It’s a parlor game.


  14. spur21

    Just let the young man move on and have fun playing with his little brother. Keep the lawyers out of it. The rule is stupid too.


  15. Matt B.

    I wonder what crack insider “intel” Andrew Ray has on this matter…


  16. Bigshot

    “If” Mays is eligible? You know and I know he will be.


  17. Remember the Quincy

    When you have to go into great detail to explain how you’re taking the high road, you ain’t taking the high road.

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  18. It’s just another BS answer from a BS attorney. Nothing new here.

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  19. Fuck you, Tom. No offense intended.


  20. Mayor

    If the lawsuit isn’t at least the excuse being used WTF is?


  21. Butler Reynolds

    In some ways, this is like the college admissions scandal going on now. Not that I have much sympathy for status-seeking Hollywood types, but if you have a screwed up system, you really shouldn’t be so hard on those who have to navigate it. The primary focus should be on the arrogant rule makers. Some might say, “Well, the rules are the rules.” I say screw you and your rule fetish. You make bad rules, you deserve bad outcomes.


  22. WTM

    He pulled this same shit with Fields- “It’s not what everyone thinks it is, it’s something entirely different, but i can’t talk about it.”

    That just reinforces my opinion that it is what everyone thinks it is,