Gratuitous recruiting post

The Sport247 Composite has seen its last revision for the class of 2020, and Clemson no longer sits at the top.

Screenshot_2020-01-29 2020 Football Team Rankings

Six SEC teams in the top ten, but there are gaps between the top two (Alabama and Georgia) and the other four.  To give you an idea of that gap, Mississippi State finished closer to Florida in average points than Florida did to Georgia.

Georgia is the highest rated team from the perspective of average points.  It’s also the team with the fewest number of commits in the top ten.

As I understand it, even if Evans returns to the fold and goes with Georgia, the Dawgs can’t surpass Alabama, because Evans can’t sign a second NLI with Georgia.  (He simply arrives on campus and enrolls, like Roquan.)

So much for the death of the Alabama dynasty under Nick Saban, eh?


UPDATE:  One more thing — if you rank SEC schools by the number of top 100 kids, here’s how that looks:

  • Alabama — 11
  • Georgia — 11
  • LSU — 8
  • Texas A&M — 6
  • Auburn — 5
  • Florida — 4
  • Tennessee — 3
  • South Carolina — 3
  • Kentucky — 1

There are a couple of those recruits left to make commitments/sign, so Florida and ‘Bama or LSU make pick up another, but that’s still a pretty good indication of how the top talent spread out around the conference.


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29 responses to “Gratuitous recruiting post

  1. Biggen

    I thought rumor was he did sign it but wanted out.


    • Derek

      The rumor was that Evans signed and then we gave it back.

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      • Texas Dawg

        Most of the services (Rivals, 24/7) have reported it as fact and not just rumor (for what that is worth). His recruitment would make a good season long TV drama that has a cliff hanger ending at the end of each weekly episode.


  2. mwo

    I really expect Saban to coach his ass off more than normal this year if that is possible. I’m sure he’s pissed about the results the last two post seasons.


    • California dawg

      100%. Makes our week 3 matchup against them all the more challenging. I really wish we drew the LSU sec west straw this season.


  3. Sports Fan

    We can still pass Bama on the composite without Evans. McKinnley Jackson, if he goes to Bama as anticipated, makes it much harder though. If he goes elsewhere, we close with Edwards, Bell, and Lundy, we will pass them.


  4. Hogbody Spradlin

    Too bad for Clemson.


    [Insert Muttley laugh]


      • Macallanlover

        I know that on a macro basis, quality of recruits correlates pretty well to success on the field. Also know this isn’t science and there are many well known exceptions to the 5 star and 3 star rankings on an annual basis. But people that stand on ledges because their team gets the number 1, versus number 2, class, or get the #1 RB versus #4 have to be a special kind of stupid. And I see it all the time on recruiting sites. They are as bad as the “national champs or bust” crowd, well. almost as bad.

        This predictable manipulation above of ranking players, which everyone laughs at, show how seriously the exactness of such rankings should be regarded. Directional indicator? Of course, but pounding your chest, or sobbing tears over a specific 17-18 year old’s decision should not be meaningful in your life….unless you are the parent.


    • Sports Fan

      The guys at 24/7 and Rivals, on their various weekly Podcasts, have mentioned not splitting hairs over who has the #1 or #2 class. The point total is what matters. If you are over 3000 points (Rivals) or 300 points (24/7 Composite), then you have what’s considered an elite class. That point threshold generally gives you enough quality depth to cover for over ranked players and generally provides you with enough hidden gems as well.

      For what it’s worth, Georgia is already at the elite threshold on the 24/7 composite and should close at the elite threshold on Rivals.

      It’s the same teams for each that are in the conversation: Alabama, Clemson, UGA, LSU, and Ohio State. After that, the drop off is pretty steep. No other team even in the 2900 or 290 range outside of those teams.


  5. W Cobb Dawg

    I’ve come to expect a dramatic signing day announcement from Kirby – for the good. Although Sport247 May consider recruiting in the barn for this round, I won’t until maybe next Thursday.


  6. Charles Allen

    Is 25 a hard number? I see Bama at 26 and they are still on the recruiting trail. Does this mean one or more of their commits gets a dear john letter?


  7. Normaltown Mike

    So did some of Clemson’s kids get downgraded?

    I saw something about a couple of our guys dropping in a re-grade


  8. Texas Dawg

    I see that Florida is “rapidly closing the recruiting gap”. Wait, you say that Side Show is not closing the gap? You mean the Florida faithful have been lied to (and deluded themselves)? I think that talent gap is rapidly enlarging from a gap into the Grand Canyon.


    • Busta

      I was told by a gator that Mullen “turns 3 stars into 5 stars” lmao. So in theory, their entire roster is 5 stars now.


  9. willypmd

    Our rankings also include a kicker, so that average per recruit is even better when you consider how little value recruiting services give kickers for some reason.

    Also, just peruse Albabama’s OL and DL rankings and you can make a case that something has changed. Maybe its just blind optimism, but there are a lot more 3 stars and low 4 stars on the line of scrimmage than I am accustomed to seeing in a Saban recruiting class


  10. practicaldawg

    People obsess about the ordinal ranking (1,2,3, etc.), but it’s kind of meaningless this year. If you look at the underlying metric used to rank the teams (the composite point score), it’s essentially identical for the top 3. But boy does it fall fast as you reach Side Show territory at #8.


  11. Russ

    TBH, I was surprised to see Tech at 26. That has to be their highest in years.


    • Will (the other one)

      It is a bit odd that only 3/4ths of our class ranks higher than their best player instead of the usual all of it that was usually the case under PJ. (And in 20+ years of detailed recruiting rankings, Calvin Johnson is the only 5 star to ever sign with them.)


  12. truckin

    Gurley was the guy who came in with the other back(Marshal)years ago. He was not a 5 star freak but he became one. These ratings are not all but they do identify potential. Gurley was a miss for a lot of teams. I hope we get another Gurley and that might be a healthy Zeus.


  13. CB

    Committed players count toward your score so if Evans verbally comes back into the fold it should improve our score. Broderick Jones and Van Pran currently count toward our total despite being unsigned.