“Let me talk about the word quit.”

Steven Orr Spurrier, ladies and gentlemen ($$):

He was thinking a lot, particularly, about Atilla in 2015 when he walked away from South Carolina’s football team midway through the season…

“In my situation, I thought it was like that. In ‘Leadership Secrets of Attila the Hun,’ it says, ‘When defeat is inevitable and there’s no way you can win, it’s better to retreat and come back and fight another day.’ Quitting to me has always meant in the middle of a game you have a chance to win and your players or coaches quit on it. That’s quitting. I felt like I was defeated. I needed to retreat, to get out, and maybe somebody (else) could provide a spark that I could not provide for that team. Maybe it was just such that nobody could have helped it much.”

Even as he’s baring his soul, he still can’t bring himself to mention getting waxed by Georgia as a cause for his despair.  Gotta give the man credit for staying on message.




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  1. more spinners

    Remember that SI article when the Dawgs took him down in Jax his senior year.
    An answere to a “SOS”.
    Yep, the old ball coach stopped “rowing”.
    Yes sirre, if you are not going to row the boat get your ass out of the boat!
    Side bar.
    WBB and Coach Joni Taylor. Is it time for her to go.
    Me thinks so. She is not rowing hard enough. Time for a change.
    5 players from Georgia on that Chiefs team…3 I know of…Colquitt County High, Peach County High, and Coffee County High…congrats to them.


  2. Bill Glennon

    “When defeat is inevitable and there’s no way you can win, it’s better to retreat and come back and fight another day.”

    But you retreated without intending to come back and fight another day.

    Isn’t that quitting?

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    • Otto

      Depends on you are looking at from the perspective of SOS’s career or the program. I find it surprisingly humble of Spurrier to say the program could not win with him leading it and that somebody else might provide that spark. Was that the thought or was it he could not stand to take the lumps of the losses? Only he really knows.


      • Bill Glennon

        LOL. What’s the difference between that and quitting? I’m sure his players and assistants appreciated his unselfishness as they finished 1-5 and lost to the Citadel.

        Humbly walking away is done at the end of the season, not abruptly in the middle of it because your team sucks.

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        • Russ

          Yep. His ego couldn’t take the lumps anymore and he quit. Full stop. Mid season. The only way worse is if he left in the middle of the game, which in some ways he did.

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  3. Mayor

    How do you spell Steve Spurrier? Simple: Q-U-I-T-T-E-R.


  4. Go Dawgs!

    I’ve always enjoyed Steve Spurrier, in spite of his hatred of Georgia and all of his barbs in our direction. He’s a coaching giant, and I loved to hate him. He’s just fun, and he was great for college football. White I desperately wanted to beat him each and every time we faced him because of his arrogance, I also always respected him.

    That said, the episode where he quit on his team in 2015 is a black mark on his legacy and it is disappointing to me that he still doesn’t own that. You may have been defeated, Coach, but you definitely quit. If we were to contact Atilla the Hun at a seance, I promise you that he’d tell you that his intent with that axiom was for the general to lead his army in retreat and then stay in command and continue trying to fight the war. I don’t think his plan was for you to wish your men good luck and send them off to fight without you while you go to the beach to nurse your pride and preserve your career winning percentage.

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  5. Bright Idea

    Spurrier didn’t quit because Finebum and the media never confirmed it. The rest of us know that he did quit but he got the biggest pass in sports journalism history. Plus he quit on USCe, not a blue blood, so who could blame him, right? Their fans say he quit long before the 15 season started.

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  6. Ben

    The week of the 2015 Carolina game, by grandfather (a Dan Magill Award winning fan, BTW) suffered a massive stroke. When they were checking his cognitive ability that night, they asked him, “Who are the dawgs playing this week?” And his answer was, “Chickens.”

    He never fully recovered, and I’m not sure he knew what was happening during that game, but I am so glad that the Dawgs waxed Carolina that weekend. He died of a heart attack the week before Thanksgiving that same year and after his funeral I watched UGA struggle mightily with Georgia Southern, and I thought, “If I had to bury my grandfather today and watch us lose to Southern tonight, I won’t be able to handle it.” Fortunately, that didn’t happen. His wife, my grandmother, died the Tuesday after the Tech game, from complications related to dementia and Alzheimer’s.

    What a few months that was.

    I miss them both like crazy, especially these last few years when the Dawgs have been so much fun, but you know, seeing Richt get fired would have hurt them both so much. Anyway, thinking about Spurrier quitting will always make me think about them, so thanks for sharing this post.

    Go Dawgs.

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  7. Spike

    Show me a bigger asshole than that guy.


  8. If there ever was a reason of why #FTMF was born, THIS IS IT.


  9. Dawglicious

    It is somewhat satisfying knowing that in spite of all the success the Old Ball Sack had against us, his football career is bookended with soul-crushing defeats at the hands of the Georgia Bulldogs.

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    • Russ

      Yep. And knowing that it still gnaws at him gives me a warm feeling inside.

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    • RangerRuss

      “bookended with soul-crushing defeats at the hands of the Georgia Bulldogs”. Ah yes. The salve that soothes the sting of the ’90’s. I derive great pleasure knowing those are the memories infest his nightmares. Don’t go away mad, Little Stevie. Just go away.


      • 79Dawg

        Just read the article, strange there’s no mention of the 2015 game in there…
        One of the eternal memories that will remain with me is watching him wander aimlessly across Sanford Stadium after that last asswhooping – he QUIT that night!!!

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  10. Doug

    Quitting in the middle of a game is quitting, but quitting in the middle of a season isn’t quitting? Awfully convenient, that.


    • Down Island Way

      Depends on what your definition of is, is…..Hey obs, FU! Hey obs, should you require a dos equis enema, please bend over and kiss your ass goodbye…#FTMF


  11. UGA '97

    An example of what happens when a sociopath and a narcissist collide.


    • Russ

      More BS. Never mentions getting his ass handed to him in Athens but talks about 38-35 and naked bootleg. And I love the convenient math of lumping Clemson, Georgia, Tennessee and Florida in there to make it look like he had a winning record against Georgia (he was 5-6). I’m pretty sure he didn’t have a winning record against Florida either, but he’ll even use his alma mater to stroke his ego.

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  12. practicaldawg

    Despite the success Spurrier had in the middle of his career, it ended where it began: from getting waxed as a player in the 1960s to being run out of Sanford Stadium with his tail between his legs. In his words, from defeated to defeated.

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  13. PTC DAWG

    I’d drink a BEER with him. ASSuming he was buying.


  14. Jeff Sanchez

    Coward, bully, sore loser to the end.

    I’ve said on here more than once, I’ve never understood Dawg fans who say, “I hated him as a coach but you can’t help but love the guy!”

    Sure you can. You can help it a lot. He’s a bitch ass bitch, and he loathes UGA

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  15. Comin' Down The Track

    I will always count hearing me and 92,745 of my closest friends laugh him out of town that day among my fondest memories.


  16. Attila the Hun was referring more to a unit or the whole retreating in war, not it’s f’n leader quitting on them but, ok, Stevie.

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  17. Happy Dawg

    I looked up the word “quitter” in the dictionary, and it had a picture of Steve Spurrier. No visor, I assume he had just thrown it off.


  18. Personally, I would nominate Mr Spurrier for the least self aware person on the face of the planet. He quit. He knows it but by redefining the word quit to retreat he is no longer a quitter. That is some first rate rationalization right there. If he can’t hear himself than Starr has nothing on SOS. He started the season as South Carolina’s coach and he QUIT half way through and we(UGA) made him do it. It is one of the greatest achievements of the Richt era. He made that egotistical bastard QUIT not retreat..


  19. George Jones

    Spurrier won’t admit it but one of the reasons he quit was because he knew that Dabo was going to put a hurting on them that year and with all the crap Spurrier gave him he didn’t want to take it.


  20. Gurkha Dawg

    Attila and old Stevie were probably alike. When they were more powerful, slaughter the foe without mercy. But when the other side is just as strong as they are, they run away like a pussy.


  21. Hogbody Spradlin

    He may have beaten us regularly as a coach, but we’re gonna win because when he dies he’ll have Georgia on his mind.

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