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Mark Bradley mails in another column.

The only thing surprising about his utterly predictable “the master recruiter needs to field a better offense next season or else be tagged as Just A Recruiter” piece is that he didn’t invoke Paul Johnson’s name.  Must be slipping.


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Your Daily Gator indulges in gallows humor.

My man, this is first rate.

Screenshot_2020-02-05 My thoughts on NSD

I dunno about you, but I’m kinda digging “The Portal Master” as the official nickname for Mullen here at the blog.



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The Gus Bus just had a tire blow out.

This is fine.

Auburn’s leading running back has entered the NCAA’s transfer portal, a source tells Auburn Undercover.

JaTarvious Whitlow, a rising junior, appeared in the NCAA’s transfer system Wednesday after two days of rumors of his impending departure at Auburn, where relationships had broken down between the player and staff members, sources tell Auburn Undercover.

Nix will be a likely Heisman Trophy candidate, so Malzahn will take the loss in stride, amirite?


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Zen and the art of recruiting

It appears that Kirby has learned one of the true pearls of middle age wisdom:  life is too short, sometimes.


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Your 2.5.20 Playpen

Hey, we could waste our time arguing about politics, or we can focus on something that really matters today.

A mini-buffet to get the ball rolling here:

The floor is now yours.  Share your hopes, dreams, fears, disappointments, mockery of Dan Mullen’s recruiting prowess and whatever else in the comments.


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They’re gonna need a bigger support staff.

For you “it’s what’s on the front of the jersey that matters” aficionados out there, enjoy ($$).

Right after Tua Tagovailoa thanked Nick Saban and the rest of the Alabama coaches and training staff when announcing last month that he would skip his senior year for a shot at the NFL, the quarterback veered in a direction that says more about the path of college athletics than anything else mentioned in his 14 minutes at the podium on that Monday morning.

Tagovailoa thanked Josh Maxson, Alabama assistant athletic director for football communications, and “his crew for helping me build my brand here.”

And there’s more of that coming.

“You’re going to get to where (recruits) choose schools by where they can be best marketed,” DeSalvo said. “We’re going to position ourselves to be like, ‘Hey, we’ve been doing this for years.’”

Don’t these people know what’s important?


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Just another signing day in the SEC


For a 10th consecutive winter, either Alabama or Georgia is expected to finish with the No. 1 class in the 247Sports.com team rankings following Wednesday’s traditional national signing date. Nick Saban’s Crimson Tide held the top spot annually from 2011 to 2017 and again last year, with Kirby Smart’s Bulldogs breaking through to collect the premier haul in 2018.


Tennessee has not added any commitments since the December period…

Tennessee may wind up with a fifth consecutive class ranked outside the top 10, with last year’s contingent having been ranked 13th. The Vols had the N0. 4 class in 2015, when Butch Jones reeled in defensive tackles Kahlil McKenzie and Shy Tuttle, defensive end Kyle Phillips, inside linebacker Darrin Kirkland, offensive tackles Drew Richmond and Jack Jones, athlete prospect Jauan Jennings, receiver Preston Williams and junior college running back Alvin Kamara.

“I don’t think you always have to sign a top-10 class,” Callahan said. “The thing I point to all the the time, and this is a little different because it’s an ACC team, but before Clemson won the (2016) national title with Deshaun Watson, they had top-15 classes in three of the previous four years and one top-10 class mixed in there,” Callahan said. “If you can stack top-15 classes on top of each other and can keep players on campus — that’s something the previous staff at Tennessee did not do a good enough job of. If you can minimize the turnover and the attrition and keep getting top-15 classes, that can give you a chance.

Cue the obvious…


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That’s some gap you’ve got there.

Holy moly.

For context on the potential disparity in revenue that will exist before the Pac-12’s next deal kicks in, consider a likely scenario in the SEC.

The conference’s Game of the Week package on CBS, currently valued at $55 million annually, is moving to ESPN for a payday reportedly in excess of $300 million per year — and perhaps as much as $350 million annually.

In other words, the SEC will earn more each year from those 15-16 broadcasts, which include the SEC championship game, than Pac-12 schools receive each year from the entire Tier 1 contract with Fox and ESPN for 44 football games (and the Pac-12 championship).

According to the term sheet for the Tier 1 deal, which has been obtained by the Hotline, the Pac-12 will collect $262.9 million from ESPN/Fox in the 2020 fiscal year.

That figure increases by 5.1 percent annually, meaning that not until the final year of the deal (FY24) will the conference generate as much Tier 1 revenue ($321 million) as the SEC could receive on an annual basis just from its Game of the Week package.

But have no fear, Pac-12 fans.  Super genius Larry Scott is on the mother.

Scott believes the negotiating leverage created by pooling the Pac-12 inventory at the negotiating table— all the football and men’s basketball games currently on Fox, ESPN and the Pac-12 Networks — will produce a windfall that justifies the wait-it-out strategy.

The man is just stealing money.


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Meet the clay waiting to be fashioned.

If you are in the camp that believes the primary reason Georgia’s offense suffered last season was the decimated receiving corps, then this group may turn out to be the most important part of the incoming class.

Whom do you think has the best chance of contributing in 2020?


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Agent Muschamp is the new Agent Muschamp.

Wheels within wheels, baby.

The Georgia Bulldogs added another piece of the 2020 puzzle on the eve of National Signing Day. Jackson Muschamp, a 6-foot-2, 190-pound quarterback out of Columbia, South Carolina, has verbally committed to Kirby Smart as a preferred walk-on quarterback after taking an official visit this past weekend to Athens. He is the oldest son of South Carolina head coach and former UGA football captain, Will Muschamp

In the end, the chance to play his college days in Athens was too much to pass on.

“Just thinking about it more, that opportunity to go to Georgia, and I have always wanted to go there,” he said.”They never really stopped recruiting me since I went to camp there last summer. It was just an opportunity I could not really pass up. I am fortunate enough to be in a situation where I could go walk on somewhere like Georgia in the first place. I am super excited about it.”

Any decision on his college future was going to be supported by his family and especially by his Dad.

“He was super happy for me. We kind of decided a long time ago that I was going to kind of do my own thing and blaze my own trail, no matter where he was coaching,” he said.”He knows I love Georgia and how much I wanted to be there, and he was ok with me doing whatever I wanted to do. He was happy when I committed to Colorado State, but he also supports my decision to go to Georgia.”

Muschamp will report shortly after graduating in late May.

“I am going to Georgia to work and compete. I will do whatever I am asked to do, to make the team better,” he said.”I am definitely going there to compete. I am so excited about it. I have always wanted to go to Georgia.”

You have to appreciate his taste, at least.  Should make for some interesting dinner chatter around the Thanksgiving table at the Muschamp house.  For that matter, it should make for some interesting chatter on the recruiting trail for Kirby Smart.

What’s the over/under on the number of paranoid Georgia fans who fret about what info Jackson’s passing back to daddy?


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