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Mistakes were made.

One of the Big Ten refs who called the UGA-Alabama national title game isn’t impressed with Georgia fans.

You know, you were talking about the Michigan fan base. Well, they’re pikers compared to the Georgia fan base. I was getting emails, texts. It was ugly, vile. Something gets out on the internet that I somehow worked for the University of Alabama, and it becomes gospel truth.

At least he admits Tyler Simmons was onsides, though.



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Quality returns

If yesterday’s post about Bill Connelly’s returning production whets your appetite about what Georgia’s got in the can coming back, here’s Kipp Adams’ run through of Georgia’s ten players who started seven or more games in 2019 for the red and black.  (Newman and McKitty did so at other schools last season.)

Of those ten, only two are offensive starters, both linemen.  Meanwhile, the defense has returning starters at every level, including four in the defensive backfield.  Yowza!


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The 1% of the 1%

Just another one of Corch’s proteges heading to the big house…

Wonder if he’s gonna do his next podcast from jail.


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