Another conference joins the one-time transfer movement.

Maybe the NCAA figured if it kept botching the waiver process, conferences would have no choice but to change the rules.


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4 responses to “Another conference joins the one-time transfer movement.

  1. Mark

    It occurs to me the other conferences support this hoping to gather more crumbs that fall off of SEC tables. That’s where the food is, after all.


  2. Would this be to transfer within the conference? Also, would the student be able to transfer without penalty one time and then transfer again as a grad transfer? I could almost see a kid getting accepted at Tech, transfer to Duke under the one time exception, graduate, and with a redshirt in there grad transfer to clemson just for the sake of competing for a championship to go out on top.


  3. Bright Idea

    Will there be a waiver process for the second transfer or will it be an automatic sit-out regardless of the circumstances? If they are going to consider waivers for a second transfer what’s the point in giving a free first transfer? In today’s world one transfer will
    never be enough.


  4. One free transfer as long as a player has no behavior or academic issues. Any transfer after that requires a player to sit … no exceptions. No waivers.

    A graduate transfer gets a 2nd bite at the Apple.