From sea to shining sea

Over at 247Sports, Bud Elliott has taken notice of a trend.

Five-star recruits in recent years have become more willing to leave their home states.

In fact, the four lowest in-state rates over the last 20 classes have come over the last four years. In 2017, the amount of five-star players staying home dipped below 25 percent for the first time ever.

Let’s look at this in four-class blocks.

  • From 2001-04, 62 percent of five-star recruits stayed in their home states.
  • From 2005-08, 51 percent
  • From 2009-12, 53 percent
  • From 2013-16, 53 percent
  • From 2017-20, 34 percent

There was a slight trend down in the mid-aughts. But then for a little over a decade, about half of five-star recruits stayed home. However, in the last four seasons the number has dropped like a rock.

Why, you might ask, is this happening?  Check out reason number one:

Some schools are reaching out more nationally. Like Georgia.

“Georgia is a five-star magnet right now,” said Barton Simmons, the 247Sports Director of Scouting. “And Kirby Smart’s emphasis on recruiting nationally is paying off in the rankings. But dominance is relative. Georgia will dominate the rest of the country but the battle inside the top five is going to be fierce again.”

Ooh, baby, ooh.  Under Richt, we used to be worried about closing the fence around the state.  These days, Georgia don’t need no stinkin’ fences.


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12 responses to “From sea to shining sea

  1. tbia

    Id like to know how much it is single handedly Georgia? There’s usually only about 25 a year, so each carries a weight of 4% in a given year. If we sign 4 from OOS, thats 16%, or roughly the change.


  2. ApalachDawg aux Bruxelles

    No wonder Bammer tried to tarnish Kirby when he left – “he stole ‘cruitin list from our whiteboard”.
    Anyone else doubt that Kirby can coach D?
    where did uga D finish in 2019 vs bammer?


  3. practicaldawg

    This part from the article is fine:

    “Florida is also a huge offender here. The Big 3 have only one appearance in the CFP, and only one conference title in that span (both by Florida State in 2014). All three schools have had at least one losing season in the CFP era. The last five years have been particularly troubling for the in-state schools, which have managed to keep only an astounding 2 of 14 five-stars recruits in the Sunshine State.“


  4. spur21

    Give Kirby a Starship and he will recruit Intergalactic – and sign them.


  5. WHB209

    When did the Star Rating’s of high school players start? Does anyone know?


  6. ASEF

    I blame globalization.

    Seriously, kids just look at distances and opportunities differently.

    Kirby probably has contacts in Samoa just in case a 6’3” 375 lb behemoth with an elite short shuttle pops up.