“This is probably the toughest debate of the 2020 preseason prediction process.”

Really, Athlon?

I will grant you Florida has the edge in the scheduling department and that, unlike Georgia, it has a returning quarterback in Kyle Trask who didn’t shit the bed last season.  But that’s about it.

My hope is that at season’s end, Kirby says something snarky to every pundit who rolled with “but muh spring practice!”.



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  1. Russ

    Keep pumping Florida. It’s going to make our beatdown in Jax even more wonderful.

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  2. “The Gators don’t have many question marks on offense, but Mullen’s team needs more out of its line and has to restock the skill positions. ”

    Fail. No questions, other than the o line and skill positions.

    This is all about creating yet another preseason false narrative, that will be conveniently forgotten come end of year. Its amazing we actually have to play games sometimes.


  3. addr

    ” the gap between these two teams is minimal going into 2020″. I stopped at this two sentences in.

    I mean, besides the recruiting, head to head record, defense, SEC East titles, NY6 bowls, and playoff wins, that gap between Kirby and Mullen is really minimal.

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  4. Scuba

    Other than actual players on the current roster and Kirbys head to head record with their coaching staff yeah things are similar.

    From just a personal perspective FTMF’s.


  5. junkyardawg41

    I get that creating faux controversy sells magazines. I also remember the crater of a first game of college football last season between UF and The U… That game reminded me of us vs Nicholas State or Vandy, circa 2016 — so closing the gap? Maybe. Primed to take over? Hardly.


  6. Macallanlover

    I think the Dawgs are still better than FU, and should win, but it isn’t unrealistic to say they are closer than they have been for a while. Overall talent is still a UGA edge, but the number of new faces on the offensive side certainly brings up questions that hasn’t existed since Jake Fromm took over the controls. If he were back for 2020, they would have almost zero chance, again this year. There are enough question with so many new faces, I would say the Gaytors have maybe a 25% chance of winning in JAX this season.

    I still don’t see enough talent on FU’s offense to have much success against what UGA has on defense. And as questionable as Georgia might be on offense, the key losses of three top defensive players from last year’s strength (especially the two losses on the defensive front), means it could be a push in the matchup of those two units. They were pretty average as a team in 2019 if you took those 3 away because the offense had no bite at all. But I can see it being seen as a riskier game by those who don’t follow the two teams as close to separate the BS. Plus, they want something to write about and get their click rate up. The only real point to support a realistic shot for the Gaytors is the slight schedule edge of cross rivals this year. And you can never rule out injuries playing a role that deep into the season, although the Dawgs have the depth of talent edge, and the coaching advantage. Hell, let’s reduce their chances to pull the upset to 20%. If they run their mouth like they have the last two years, it might drop even lower.


  7. RangerRuss

    The only way the Dawgs lose in Jax is by turning the ball over multiple times. The gators are not closing the gap and need to get used to being an also ran.


  8. Uglydawg

    Me thinks there will be no joy in Gatordumb on Halloween night.
    For whatever reasons, Georgia’s offense hit a low point (for the Kirby era) last year.
    I don’t see how it stays in that valley. In fact the offense should be good to very good at least.
    Coming with any semblance of improvement on offense, and with the defense in prime condition, there is only one side dish needed. Some really good bulletin board materiel from the UF program.
    With all the off-season nonsense about how great the gators are going to be, and how they are Georgia’s equal; about how Mullens, (despite his pedestrian record) is the second coming of SOS (he does try..but his coaching and his snark are weak sauce compared to Spurdog’s), Mullens and the boys will be getting their heads inflated and will almost certainly deliver the fuel.


  9. BuffaloSpringfield

    Perhaps it might be a upset if the Dawgs even get to play in Hogtown. Just saw where the head of The Olympic Committee made a statement where the future of Games in 21’ would be in doubt if there is not a acceptable vaccine by then. That puts speculation on world travel at about 16 months. You gonna send your daughter to Athens on August 16th.
    Everyday there is twist and turn. I certainly for one need sports but not as bad as those insane athletic directors and puppet presidents of our institutions of higher learning. Perhaps some of the head coaches would enlighten communities a bit more if they made donations back to the janitors, field workers and locker room attendants. The behind the scenes people. Just sayin’ for green fees at the Lake a laid off cafeteria cook might just pay this months rent. Oh wait memberships are included in their contracts.
    I guess perspectives change the longer this goes. I am not in favor of no fan HD games but them advertisers gotta advertise. In another note of the UGA Way for their notification of supporting all the corporate eateries around Athens and not mentioning one down town self owned restaurant.
    Perspectives ?


  10. Texas Dawg

    For the ‘turds to win it will have to be a “blind squirrel” moment. Yes, anything is possible. How may people have played golf for years and years and never gotten a hole-in-one until that lucky moment…..and then spend years and years never getting another one. This is how I liken the ‘turds chances. Possible yes, but highly improbable.


  11. practicaldawg

    I like this narrative. Mullen himself knows it’s not true, which is only going to put more pressure on him not to blow it like he’s done the last two attempts.


  12. Mayor

    The problem is the schedule. Georgia plays at Bama and Auburn in Athens from the West. FU plays a rebuilding LSU and Ole Piss. The Dawgs could beat FU and still lose the East.


    • … Auburn in Athens from the West.

      How, exactly, is this a “problem”?


      • Mayor

        Bama and Auburn are both going to be better next year than LSU and Ole Miss. Georgia is playing a more difficult schedule of SEC West teams than FU is. Or do you disagree with that Bluto?


        • I disagree with Auburn being better than LSU.

          I agree that Georgia plays a tougher cross-division schedule than does UF.

          I also believe that Auburn’s track record against Georgia over the last ten, twelve years (at least!) indicates that the Tigers don’t amount to a problem in Athens.