By George

Those clips are a good illustration of his progress over the course of last season.  At the beginning, he wowed us with his body control.  By season’s end, it was his improved route running that was the big deal.

Combined, that’s a damned good package to work with.


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  1. DawgStats

    I’m excited about a lot this “potential” season

    But, that kid, is what I’m most excited about.

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  2. Russ

    I hope we get a couple of more seasons from him. He is an amazing talent.


  3. My turf guy and I have been looking over our game fields getting ready for the season. Our HS teams are practicing and we both love football so we’ll stop to watch. A couple of things that stood out to both of us:
    (1) Kids are so much better athletically overall. We were watching coverage drills and I couldn’t get over how fast and smooth these guys are even at the HS varsity level.
    (2) How much fun the kids were having. It was shirt/skin no pads or helmets. They were still knocking each other down laughing like hell and calling names.
    I do hope they let the kids play in whatever capacity they can.


    • 92 Grad

      Me too my man, these kids know very little of anything else, and, so do many of us. CFB and our connection to our Alma mater runs deep, it appears to these young’ uns that its the same. If they wanna go at it, then I hope that they can go at it. God speed.


  4. spur21

    Add a much improved Bush to the mix and we could have a special group of WR’s.


    • The Truth

      We have a special group of WRs. We just need someone who can teach them to run routes and help scheme them open. We upgraded on one of those, we’ll see on the other.

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  5. Jim

    Don’t forget Kearis Jackson was coming on strong last season prior to his injury

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  6. gastr1

    I thought at the beginning last year he really needed to learn how to create space and be physical with DBs. I think you can see in that last clip, the Baylor fade TD, he’s started to figure that out. Exciting!


  7. PDawg30577



    • Derek

      Kirby should have pulled George before that got out of hand. We didn’t need an incident with the SECCG the next week. This game was well in hand and you could see this fight coming.

      1 will be getting goaded all season long. I hope he’s figured this out.


      • The other Doug

        In hindsight we were going to get our ass kicked by LSU no matter what, so I’m fine with Pickens creating something positive out of shitty season. I never get tired of watching him toss that jacket into a brick wall.

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        • Derek

          If pickens had been the intended instead of simmons, who knows?

          Lsu was great and maybe there was no chance, but not having pickens really hurt.


        • Salty Dawg

          Me either, other Doug. I’ll always love that nerd toss and could watch on repeat for a while! GP will always get a pass from me because of that moment! Thanks, George! Great memory!


    • Russ

      Should have kicked both out. Still, Swilling got his ass kicked and a brick tattoo.

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    • Best part of the year for me. “Ode to Coley’s crap offense”


  8. Sanford222view

    This can’t be true…I’ve been told we have a terrible Receivers Coach! How could he have shown improvement in route running?

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  9. FlyingPeakDawg

    Just throw bombs…


  10. Corch Irvin Meyers, New USC Corch (2021)

    I had this hold thing about it’s not about Pickens and Bush outside, it’s going to be about Blaylock / Robertson and McKitty INSIDE.

    And then how that’ll open up big holes for Zeus and Cook to run through and around because the safeties will pull back.

    But it never got posted. Weird.


  11. Mayor

    George Pickens is the best receiver in CFB. Period.