Anybody who spent time in Athens, say, forty or so years ago, will get a huge kick out of this long (and I do mean long) piece from DavetheDawg.

Read it, and if you’re of that era, or a few years earlier, as am I, share your memories in the comments.


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26 responses to “Reminiscing

  1. 81Dog

    Dave is so right about every word, especially the popularity of the David Allen Coe song on the 5th Q jukebox. I left quite a few brain cells there in the late 70s. Never grow up, you can get older, but you never haver to be mature!


  2. The Tams would walk around the room, stopping at every table, and sing “Too much fooling around,” then they’d hold the mike up to your girlfriend and she’d have to sing “not enough lovin.”


  3. Spike

    I loved The Fifth Quarter. There was a liquor store right next to it. Papa Joes, too, on Baxter Street. I could go on and on .. “I’m growing older but not up!’ Jimmy Buffett.


  4. Just gotta say the pre-game atmosphere at O/Malley’s was hard to beat. Post-game, too.


  5. scottrollins

    I had my first legal beer at The Fifth Quarter, back when 19 was the legal age. My buddies and I played the sawdust shuffleboard game forever.


  6. bcdawg97

    I’m not of the era exactly, but Sky’s Place was my first hangout bar in Athens – I’d never seen a human as big as Sky. And the David Allen Coe lyrics he mentions are the ringtone for my mother on my cell. You do really have a civic duty to sing them loudly no matter what.


  7. tbia

    The only description of the 5Q I would have added would have highlighted the fact that on busy Fridays, the crowd from the bar literally shut down the outside westbound lane on Broad St on more than one occasion.


  8. William J Ferguson

    Thanks for a great memory. I quickly remembered Sky just sitting back, feet propped up on another chair. And the steak and cheese!


  9. F250Dawg

    The cheeseburgers and the frozen pitchers of beer at Allen’s in Normaltown bring back tons of memories ! We always had to play David Allen Coe and Shelley West on the jukebox. Great times in a great city !


  10. Russ

    That was a great read. Don’t know DavetheDawg but I obviously crossed paths with him many times. That really took me back.


  11. Idlewild Dawg

    This makes me want to lay outta work today & go to Athens & daydrink. & listen to David Allan Coe.

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  12. “Next door to Allen’s was “Foxz.”” Say What???


  13. Normaltown Mike

    Miss ole Sky. He was one of a kind. I was of the Sky’s Place generation and as I recall, he drove an old beat up limo by then.

    He used to take long walks down Milledge, Lumpkin, etc. I saw him in front of Spec Towns track one time 10 or so years ago and rolled my window down to yell “SKY!”. He put up that meat cleaver of a hand and made a fist.


  14. 86BONE

    WOW…great article with a lot of memories coming back. I played hours of shuffleboard on that table…even had a pair of Levi’s with a hole in the leg where a “snag” on the table was!
    Great story here I should share…that ‘83 snow storm he mentioned was a doozie! I had Mike Steel and Warren Grey in my CJ7 heading slowly up Baxter when we were pummeled with snowballs. Mike yelled “stop the Jeep” and he and Warren bailed out going after the culprits…you should have seen it…nothing but assholes and elbows…looked like the rats leaving the ship!
    There will be no better times in our lives than what we experienced in Athens, just a shame we didn’t know it then!


    • Russ

      When I talk to current students, I always tell them to be very careful with the classes they take. If you take too many in any one area, they eventually make you leave. 😉


    • TimberRidgeDawg

      I remember Baxter during that storm. Cars were spinning trying to get up the hill and we were shoving them back down.


  15. TimberRidgeDawg

    The 5th Quarter should have been placed on the Register of Historic Landmarks and preserved for all time. Many places have come and gone but that is the one I miss the most.


  16. TimberRidgeDawg

    “Reminiscing”… Senator, you missed your opportunity to toss the Little River Band song link up, albeit a bit cheezy.