Today’s Reader Poll #1

This is a straight yes or no question:  do you believe this is true?

Screenshot_2020-07-29 Paul Finebaum on Twitter -- CFBHeather tells us college commissioners and ADs are going on the advice[...]

Feel free, of course, to elaborate on your vote in the comments.


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20 responses to “Today’s Reader Poll #1

  1. DawgStats

    Yes. But I had sex with a demon last night and shared DNA with an alien

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  2. Gurkha Dawg

    Define ” no longer safe”. I’m being serious. I would like to know what people consider “safe”.


  3. mwo

    Any reasonable committee that has a modicum of concern for the athletes would make me say yes. Knowing the track record of this group, it will have to be a no.


  4. I play golf with a doctor who’s also a Gator. Of course he’s going to say it’s not safe, he don’t want another whuppin.

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  5. Cousin Eddie

    Other than Dr. Brown, from back tot he future, coming in and giving some bad news from the future, he would be the only Dr that can stop at least part of the season.

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  6. sniffer

    Hell, yeah. A doctor with 15 positive test results walks into an AD ‘s office and its done. Not because he has the authority, but because he has results.


  7. sowegadawg

    Nope. They should ask Dr Stella Immanuel from Houston what she thinks. Get your popcorn 🍿 ready


  8. Just Chuck (The Other One)

    Talk to your doctor but always get a second opinion.


  9. Go Dawgs!

    Doctors can’t even manage to consistently keep NFL players off of the field who should be in concussion protocol. You think that the money people are actually going to shut down the season on the say-so of a doctor? Hardly.

    The University of Georgia has the third-highest incidence of COVID cases of any major college campus in the country. Athens Regional is currently out of ICU beds. If you ask any doctor in the Clarke County region, s/he is going to tell you that you can’t play football right now. The Bulldogs will be practicing this week. There’s your answer.


  10. addr

    I don’t understand. ‘Safe’ is a subjective risk assessment, not an objective standard. No doctor can or should tell you what’s safe, their role is to convey the objective information to allow you to assess your own risk. It’s almost like they would rather shunt the decision making responsibility to someone else…

    If how the baseball season has gone so far is any indication, then no, it isn’t safe to play a college football season.


  11. Hunkering Hank

    Apparently, at least 5% of the poll participants are really gullible


  12. Ken Wilkinson

    They will take all information, and then ask “Can I defend my institution in a court of law?”