I have not come to bury Larry Scott.

Aw, screw it.  I have come to bury Larry Scott.

Screenshot_2020-08-03 George Wrighster III on Twitter Why does the PAC-12 have the highest paid commissioner by far, lowest[...]

There’s a part of me that’s amazed Scott is still gainfully employed.  There’s another part of me that thinks every other P5 commissioner is grateful Scott exists.


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4 responses to “I have not come to bury Larry Scott.

  1. Go Dawgs!

    That article about Larry Scott’s demands for his Las Vegas penthouse suite during the Pac 12 basketball tournament there was amazing. Here’s a man who is already being dramatically overpaid, stealing money from the schools basically, and he just keeps fleecing them for more. I honestly have no idea why they haven’t fired his ass. The only two possible reasons are that the membership is fine with his job performance, or they don’t think they can get anyone better to take the job. It’s the commissioner’s post at one of the Power Five conferences, and while the league is certainly behind the 8 ball in a number of ways due to missteps made by Scott, it wouldn’t be very hard to outperform your predecessor. You’re telling me there’s not some CEO out there somewhere who wouldn’t be willing to take their money and dig in? Ridiculous. No, for some reason the Pac 12 presidents are at least satisfied with the way he’s done his job or else he’d be out on his ass.


  2. FlyingPeakDawg

    Larry Scott has his AD’s convinced it’s their fault their programs suck and thus are hurting his media deals. Sadly, it’s a defensible position.


  3. Do you feel some validation here, Senator? You’ve been banging this drum for quite a while.


  4. WTM

    Larry Scott is the Daniel Snyder of P5 commissioners.