Shot fired.

The Big Ten reportedly goes there.

See you later, college football.

The Big Ten has voted to cancel the 2020 college football season in a historic move that stems from concerns related to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, multiple people with knowledge of the decision confirmed to the Free Press.

The sources requested anonymity because they were not authorized to speak publicly on the decision. A formal announcement is expected to Tuesday, the sources said.

The presidents voted, 12-2, Sunday to end the fall sports in the conference. Michigan and Michigan State — which both has physicians as presidents — voted to end the season, sources said. Only Nebraska and Iowa voted to play, Dan Patrick said on his radio show Monday.

The question now is who follows.


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  1. spur21

    I suspect everyone will eventually follow.

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  2. When does Pablo Fields head to Columbus to move his son back to Marietta to prepare for the draft?

    The following additional B1G prospects are probably getting their withdrawal from school ready:
    Micah Parsons, Penn State
    Rondale Moore, Purdue
    Rashod Bateman, Minnesota
    Shaun Wade, Ohio State
    Wyatt Davis, Ohio State
    Pat Freiermuth, Penn State
    Aidan Hutchinson, Michigan
    Kwity Paye, Michigan
    Chris Olave, Ohio State
    Tyler Linderbaum, Iowa
    Jayson Oweh, Penn State

    Source: PFF Top 50 prospects (7/23/2020)

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  3. 2020, we hardly knew ye.

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  4. munsonlarryfkajim

    I don’t get the idea that everyone now has to follow suit. Everyone ultimately might do so but it would seem prudent to me to keep gathering information, particularly by observing the NFL

    Many players are on record as saying they think camp is the safest place for them. And coaches like Muschamp said the same about his own kid being at UGA for fall camp


    • Derek

      The biggest problem with separating is what happens if/when it all goes wrong.

      Its one thing for everyone to say its worth the risk. When some calculate that the risk is too high, those who don’t follow have even a smaller margin for error from an public relations/optics perspective.

      I just never saw a workable protocol for when someone gets infected. That may be part of what was driving this decision.


      • junkyardawg41

        I totally agree that I think a workable protocol is driving a lot of this. I think some universities don’t really have a working protocol for returning students.


  5. ASEF

    While the SEC, ACC and B12 might cancel down the road, we’re going to have at least a few weeks with one or more major conferences betting on spring football with those first 3 planning for fall.

    ACC and SEC seem determined to play, with leaks to that effect. And buzz that the SEC is taking the pulse on Texas and Oklahoma spending a season in the SEC if the B12 punts.

    Getting chippy out there.


    • What if I told you Texas and Oklahoma to the SEC could be permanent?

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      • miltondawg

        I could totally see Texas and Oklahoma staying in the SEC permanently if asked to play this fall. Texas maybe less so, but for Oklahoma it would be financially a huge step forward.


    • miltondawg

      If the Big 12 doesn’t cancel, go ask Nebraska and Iowa if they want to play in the SEC in 2020 since they are reportedly the two schools whose presidents voted not to cancel the B1G fall sports.


  6. Bay Area Dawg

    If the SEC could somehow make it work with the ACC and the Big12 you wonder how it would effect recruiting. I would think it could be a huge blow to the PAC12 and the Big10.


  7. Glad Kirby stocked the QB room.


  8. miltondawg

    Apparently this may all be premature. Several blue checks on Twitter are saying that no final vote has been held per sources in the B1G.


  9. Corch Irvin Meyers, New USC Corch (2021)

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  10. Imagine the TV viewership for all and only sec. I bet they hold out 3 more weeks.


  11. ASEF

    The Big 10: We want to cancel our season, and everyone else should too.— Front Porch Football (@frontporchfbll) August 10, 2020


  12. HirsuteDawg

    ACC vs SEC – Everybody gets a bowl game!


  13. Salary reductions incoming? Harbaugh makes $7.5M to disappoint. Now he makes 7.5 to do nothing

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  14. willypmd

    Looks like the SEC pushing its season to September 24th was prescient.

    We still have 6 weeks to see what’s going to happen and with cases consistently coming down post protests, I don’t understand the urgency.

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  15. siskey

    I want there to be a season. I am dubious that there will be. I don’t think that there will be a vaccine or miracle drug available by the Spring that will make a season then feasible. The only solution is to do what the NBA did and that is impossible as documented on this blog and in other places. Sucks.


  16. 69Dawg

    We’re about to find out if it really does “Mean More”.

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  17. spur21

    If we have a season with only the ACC & SEC and the rest opt for spring ball how is that going to work. Half of the bowl games in the winter then spring ball then what – summer bowls for the rest. This just isn’t going to work.
    We won’t have CFB this fall and I really doubt we will have this spring ball either. What a cluster @3%&. All I got to say is DAMN you China.


  18. miltondawg

    While I don’t agree with Sankey about a lot of things, I think that his comment today was spot on about taking your time in making decisions especially with the data changing daily. Moving the start date to late September allowed the members of the conference to see how things go with return of students.


  19. Major CFB writers were reporting last TUESDAY that Big10 was probably going to cancel/postpone their season and that the SEC thought it was foolish and was committed to going forward “hell or high water.”

    I expect SEC might try to play a few games, but that’s THE MOST they’ll be able to do. Cancellations, forfeitures, postponements due to positive COVID tests — as well as a wave of students deciding not to play — will doom the season.


  20. Oh yeah. And I love Dan Patrick.


  21. FlyingPeakDawg

    Notre Dame is an interesting wildcard here. If they opt out on their own the ACC is in a bigger squeeze. SEC won’t go it alone. House of cards is falling. TV execs in panic with no content. Spring doesn’t work. A whole year for the P5 to create mischief in the power struggle with other conferences and Congress to screw with the NCAA.

    All because some dude in China eats bat soup for lunch.

    And I am NOT going to watch some geeks play NCAA Football in a made for TV show.


  22. TN Dawg

    Coronabros everywhere must be fully erect.


  23. Salty Dawg

    What? Over? Did you say ‘over’? Nothing is over until we decide it is! Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? Hell no!…


  24. Scott Frost said today they’re willing to look for games if that’s what it takes.

    Should have rolled with my 4 game exhibition idea. Now it maybe too late.


    • TN Dawg

      The reality is, as long as your underlying understanding is “the virus is a deadly killer”, there is plausible way to play sports collegiate team sports

      Until it’s consciously understood that the risk of death and permanent injury is low and players and universities can come to generally agreed upon understanding that (just like going to WalMart or Red Lobster) there is an almost a certainty of exposure and that is something they can live with, then there is nothing that can be done.

      There is no way to manage rosters with mandatory 14 day quarantines, forced bubble isolation, or anything of the like.

      Basically if the schools want football, and they do, and the players want to play, and they do, they basically have to agree that yes, there is a slim possibility they could die if they participate. The hang up is the schools know they will get sued for merely having the activity and from the schools’ perspective it is certainly the right legal move to just shut down sports indefinitely until there is indemnification as a matter of law.

      That doesn’t really go just for collegiate sports. It goes for life. If you can’t accept the fact that each day when you leave the house that you might catch a disease, a bullet or a Mack truck, you pretty much won’t be able to leave the house.

      I’m sure some yahoo will say “But your getting paid”, but the reality is I leave my house many times not to get paid, but to enjoy the world of possibilities life offers, regardless of the risks, be it going to a bar, going shopping, going on a date, hiking, boating, or what the hell ever else it is I choose to do.

      In this case, the vast majority of players are being denied their opportunity to play college football based on legal liability and those that want to use their amateur status as a cudgel for whatever woke political agenda they have.

      Woke white boomers. Everything they touch turns to dung. They are Shit Midas.


      • Illini84

        Jesus, you are so full of shit.


      • There is no way to manage rosters with mandatory 14 day quarantines, forced bubble isolation, or anything of the like.

        The NBA and the NHL are doing just fine with bubble isolation.

        If you’re saying that it’s not a practical solution for college athletics, I agree with you, but only because that is the box the conferences and NCAA have chosen to live in. If you’re saying bubbles don’t work, again, the real world begs to differ.


      • Can’t say I agree with everything you say here, but it’s close to 90%. And I lol’d at “Shit Midas.” I won’t hear those commercials the same way ever again.


  25. practicaldawg

    Kirby’s 2021 roster: the Death Star to end all Death Stars

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