Manball, 2020 edition

I want to believe this.  Like, I really, really want to believe this.

New offensive coordinator Todd Monken is known for his “Air Raid” attack, and Smart made it clear he’s still open to doing whatever it takes to put points on the scoreboard.

When NFL backs D’Andre Swift, Nick Chubb and Sony Michel were in the backfield the past few seasons, running the football made a lot of sense.

But there’s new offensive talent on the roster, an influx of talent at receiver and veteran Florida State tight end transfer Tre’ McKitty.

Smart wants the talent maximized and points lighting up the scoreboard.

“I believe in doing whatever you have to do to win, we want to get the best football players we can on the field,” Smart said. “We want to be able to score points.”

Hang 40 on ‘Bama, and I’m there with you, Kirby.


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4 responses to “Manball, 2020 edition

  1. I don’t think he would have brought Monken in if he wasn’t thinking a change was needed. The question is, how committed will he be, and how significant will the philosophical change be? Time will tell. Hopefully this year, but if the the season blows up, then next year.


  2. Russ

    We’ll see how committed Kirby is the first time the offense has a string of three and outs putting his defense right back on the field. There will be growing pains with a new offense. Hope Kirby can stay the course.


  3. dawgtired7

    Posts like this could be filed under the ‘porn’ category. I want to believe too!


  4. theotherdoug

    Hang 40 on Bama? I’m gonna need a cold shower.