Bud Elliott’s preseason SEC Power Poll

I don’t crank out preseason power polls in the most normal of times, which 2020 is anything but.  If you’re jonesing to see one, though, here you go.

And go ahead — you know you want to say something about his “Florida might have the best gameday coach in the SEC” take.


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21 responses to “Bud Elliott’s preseason SEC Power Poll

  1. siskey

    Mullen gets a lot out of being slightly above .500 in the SEC West for all those years. I didn’t see his gameday prowess last year when they used those timeouts to get stuffed on 4th and 1 on that first drive.
    Mullen is to sportswriters now what Wilco was to music critics in the late 90s/early 2000s, wanting something to be something they are incapable of doesn’t make them that even if you convince yourself that they are better than they are. (Sorry Wilco fans but I’ll take Sunvolt any day).

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    • Russ

      You forgot the timeout to start the game because they didn’t have the correct wrist bands. Of course, to be fair to the Gators, the game hadn’t actually started so I guess it shouldn’t count against game day performance.

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    • theflatulator

      Sun Volt! Love ’em!

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    • godawgs1701

      My sentiments exactly. Mullen did fairly well at Mississippi State, and good for the Bizarro Bulldogs for adjusting their expectations for something that program could realistically attain while he was in Starkville. It really makes you wonder what other coaches could achieve there or at other similar schools if the administrators were simply patient with them as the MSU leadership was with Mullen.

      But who has Florida beaten with Dan Mullen as head coach that they weren’t supposed to beat? I’m seriously asking because I don’t remember any program defining wins or earth shaking upsets. Maybe Auburn last year in Gainesville? Maybe LSU in 2018 before Joe Brady showed up? Are we really that excited about beating a mediocre Michigan team in the Peach Bowl?

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  2. MGW

    Best line by far: “Dan Mullen believes he has a difference-maker at quarterback in Kyle Trask”

    Bless his heart…


  3. If he were such a good gameday coach, why doesn’t he win more, uh, games? And to me, that’s a backhanded complement anyway. It tells you more about what he does NOT do well. It’s like the dreaded “game manager” label for a QB.


  4. Hogbody Spradlin

    It’s funny how unsupported memes take on a life of their own.


  5. ASEF

    Poor Bud. Clearly suffering severe trauma from FSU’s dive from a national title into soap opera sideshow. It’s addled his wits.


  6. 3rdandGrantham

    Aside from the UF players having the wrong plays at the very start of the game, which Mullen blamed on “an equipment failure,” yea, I’d say he’s an outstanding game day coach. Certainly better than Saban and Smart for sure.

    Oh, UF chewing up something like 9 minutes of clock late in the 4th quarter down by two scores was sheer genius as well. He put Grantham in a position where his D had to get a 3 and out to get the ball back with any tine at all, something the UF D did exactly zero tines up to that point. Again, brilliant in-game decision making.

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    • I think he’s a freaking turd. I think Kirby loves beating him. And I love that Kirby loves beating him.

      “I can’t see too good, is that Steven Spurrier over there…I hear you’re not using paper for drawing plays, but for rolling doobies. There’ll be plenty of time for doobie-rolling when you live…in a van down by the river.”


      • Down Island Way

        “Might be”, is a bit different from “the best” or “there is no better, bar none”…and even “when it comes down to it, this is the guy you want in your corner”….nope, none of that talk.. zip, zero, nada… “might be”, might be a stretch…plus, that FU is in at #3 on this preseason chart speaks a little bit about the sec this year, you’re kinda’ saying after the bammers and UGA, who is left….


  7. akascuba

    I`m expecting nothing less than more genius coaching moves leading to another crushing defeat at the paws of the new master Kirby.


  8. 81Dog

    How many times as a HC has MuLLLen won a game he wasn’t supposed to win? 2009 v UGA? How many has he lost that he wasn’t supposed to lose, like UK a couple years ago? He’s a good, solid coach, he’s not a unicorn, or a magician.

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  9. Wolfman

    This article is worth it just for the flattering pictures of Joey Freshwater.


  10. bennydetroit

    You know I had to chuckle about Side Show Dan being such a fabulous in-game coach. My first thought was, “Well, thank Gawd, can you imagine what Florida’s point differential against us would be if he weren’t able to read Kent’s mind and outsmart us?”


  11. David D

    Dan Mullen cannot fail. He can only be failed…


  12. whybotherdude

    Mullen is a good game planner but not so at execution. He is not able to adjust if he doesn’t come out winning.
    I will take Kirby’s halftime adjustments against anyone. If Kirby and staff can keep it close at Half I would never rule UGA out.
    Orgeron is the best at getting his team jacked and ready pre-game.
    Saban is great in game as long as he doesn’t loose his cool, if he doesn’t like with au last year with the 1 second field goal, he is hard to beat.