Kendall Milton’s received more than a few “looks like Nick Chubb” social media comments for this run, but what should really excite you is the blocking.  Take a look:

Condon seals the end and takes his man down, Shaffer pulls and smokes a couple of defenders in the process and Washington throws the block that springs Milton.  All in all, it’s just brutal, physical domination.  Maybe that Matt Luke fella can coach a little, after all.


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21 responses to “Execution

  1. gastr1

    That is the prettiest of 10-yard runs, it’s true.


  2. munsonlarryfkajim

    Washington is an absolute animal. Hope we get the most out of him the next 3 years


  3. sniffer

    Shaffer blocks a guy, injures him and lays him out before the play is over. We showed no respect Saturday night for the number seven team in the nation.

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  4. biggusrickus

    I mean, there was a hold on the play, so the execution wasn’t perfect.

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  5. 0 just abused that linebacker or safety who attempted to fill the hole. He’s a man.

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  6. CB

    S/O to Rosemy-Jacksaint for stalk block his assignment out of the picture.


  7. vidaliadawg

    Thank goodness that run was not in Neyland Stadium.

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  8. Greg

    Great blocking, a hat on a hat. Also, if Milton doesn’t truck that linebacker, the play doesn’t gain as much. He is a load, good balance and vision. Better buckle up if you are gonna tackle him….he’s bringing it.


  9. Ozam

    When this play happened, I said to my friends the exact same thing.

    Man did we miss on Tank B. That dude can ball.

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    • Russ

      Yeah, just wrote that elsewhere, but Bigsby is a good ball player. I know we recruited him hard, and now I can see why.


      • biggusrickus

        If they’d just given up on Evans and taken Bigsby, they’d obviously be better off. Hindsight. It’s not like Georgia has a shortage of good running backs, though.


  10. Michael Flinn

    #54 Schaeffer hits 33, injures him and then pancakes him for good measure.

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  11. Remember the Quincy

    It’s uncanny. He has the same body shape and running style as Chubb, at least on that run.


  12. bcdawg97

    My observations:
    – I’ll take your word on Hill. I just worry that his snapping is going to cost us at an inopportune time.
    – I’m not worried about the RBs anymore.
    – I’m worrying less and less about WR (other than Landers who should never see the field again).
    – I know SB is a good game manager, I just fear he lacks all the intangibles of a national championship caliber QB. But are we gonna lock him in as the starter a la 2017 Fromm because coaches hate to switch up QBs?
    – I HEART Tyson Campbell. Love 3rd year CBs in college football.
    – No comments needed about the defense other than I just hope they don’t read the press clippings. Mostly I’ll just say how fun it is to watch such a fundamentally sound unit.