This week’s SEC slate

Games and the Fabris Pool lines:

  • LSU at Auburn +3.5.  It’s the battle of the Bos!  Auburn’s at home and Gus’ rabbit’s foot has been en fuego.  Take Nix over Pelini.  Auburn wins outright.
  • Ole Miss at Vanderbilt +18.5.  Yeah, Junior’s gonna have his team fired up over being screwed by the refs.  They’ll win, but that defense is still awful and Corral is something of a turnover machine of late.  Vandy covers.  Barely.
  • Mississippi State at Alabama -30.5.  That line is huge.  MSU’s defense isn’t bad and as exploitable areas go, neither is the Air Raid against Alabama’s pass defense over the middle.  I think ‘Bama would cover with Waddle, but without, not quite.
  • Missouri at Florida -14.5.  Gators win, but rust from being off for the better part of two weeks makes for a closer game than the spread.
  • Arkansas at Texas A&M -10.5.  They’ve been a great story so far, but I don’t see the Hogs covering the line this week.

Your thoughts?


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23 responses to “This week’s SEC slate

  1. biggusrickus

    I don’t really understand LSU being favored at Auburn. I think the game’s a toss-up, which means they should be a slight favorite. That said, I wouldn’t touch that game were I a bettor. The only one I really disagree with is Arkansas-A&M. If Arkansas can just approach 20 points, they’ll keep it within 10, I think. If they can force a couple of turnovers out of Mond, they might even win.


  2. JaxDawg

    Florida’s defense has likely lost confidence, and there’s no way the whole team isn’t aware of Mullens stupidity in calling for a packed swamp right before their own little outbreak. UM can score. If Florida comes out rusty and unmotivated, they might fall behind a few scores. And if do, it’ll be a fun upset to watch.

    As a lifelong Florida resident who became aware of football in the 90s, there’s not much I love more than watching a Florida upset. #FTMFs


  3. Auburn’s defense is not good, Bo Nix is not accurate, and Auburn’s OL was already bad before it lost a starter for the year. I think LSU might smoke them, even if it means giving up 24 points or more.

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    • Russ

      I agree. I think LSU runs all over Gus and his magic foot.

      Mizzou has had Florida’s number in the past and given the circumstances, they could give Florida fits again this week. I hope they at least beat them up.


      • The Mizzou-UF game is the most interesting game of the week for me. How rusty (if at all?) will UF be? Is Mizzou’s offense with the freshman legit? I think UF wins, but I’m with the Senator here. I think Mizzou can backdoor the cover or hang on long enough to keep it close.

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    Just made the picks…we agree on State and Mizzou.



    Re Fabio in the closed thread, suspicious timing at best with ND coming up next week. Dabo for the win.


  6. TEXBaller

    Ahhhh…after a two week hiatus, SEC Slate is back!

    I KNOW SEC FOOTBALL (12-10 ATS documented, 19-10 ATS undocumented)

    Aub +3.5 LSU — I too like Aub outright. Now we gotta QB controversy in BR.
    Vandy +18.5 Ole Miss — Vandy covers as Texas gunslinger Ken Seals puts up some nice numbers.
    Ala -30.5 MissSt — Bama rolls
    Fla -14.5 Mizzou — Gators roll
    Ark +10.5 TAMU — me thinks Barry Odom has something dialed up Jimbo/Mond
    Dawgs -17 KY — I don’t see Gatewood being a factor and had a dream last night that JT played and went for 400+

    ***My SMU pick tanked last week. Not too proud to admit. Love BYU -28 WKY late Sat night.


  7. 69Dawg

    Will someone explain to me why UF has not gotten to play for two weeks when the SEC protocol says 53 players and it’s a go. I don’t trust Cousin Eddie, he’s a sneaky one. They were talking in the papers down here that they might have high numbers out for UM. I guess there is no place to put another makeup game for them so they have to play.


  8. mp

    Read the article in The Athletic about Azeez Ojulari and his brother BJ (freshman DE at LSU). Anybody have any idea how he didn’t wind up at UGA?