Will Muschamp, a fine judge of character

Oy, Boom.  Just oy.

He hates what Durkin went through at Maryland?  Yeah, if you don’t count the dead kid, it was a real bitch.

Is Agent Muschamp trying to get fired?


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19 responses to “Will Muschamp, a fine judge of character

  1. dawg100

    He’s actually said this before. So, probably no.


  2. Anon

    Ridiculous. Why can’t he do both? Why can’t he hate what his friend is going through? You don’t think he is saddened a kid died? If you think that is really Will Muschamp you are dumb as fuck. Hoot on him as a coach or call him agent—whatever. But to insinuate he only cares about this durkin guy and gives 2 shits about a dead kid is over the top ridiculous

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    • Sounds like you hate what Durkin went through, too.

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      • miltondawg

        Why can’t he be saddened about the loss of the player in a preventable death and also hate that someone you know went through something difficult? If my son foolishly drinks and then choses to drive and causes an accident that kills or severely injures someone for life, why can’t I have empathy for the victim in the accident and also hate that my son’s preventable accident changes his life forever? I don’t love him any less and maybe he is a great person, great son, and great husband who does a lot of good.

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        • 79dawg

          Expressing sympathy about a difficult time in another person’s life – even if that person was a or the cause of those difficulties – is a pretty normal human expression.
          Further, this is how people talk in “real life”. It’s great that Nick and Kirby stand up there and choose their words so carefully that they sound like robots, but that’s not how most people think much less interact with others on a daily basis.
          If Muschamp had said “everybody else put DJ through hell up there, and he had nothing to do with it,” you might have a point, but the pull quote reeks of hot taek artistry (I know, Dan Wolken, who could imagine!)…

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  3. Charles Jackson

    If we were to lose Lanning at the end of this year, and Muschamp is fired, would he be a possible candidate for DC at UGa?


  4. ASEF

    “Well, he was always super nice to me.

    You’d think these guys would be more protective of the industry itself than the sketchy people in it on the margins.

    Who am I kidding? The industry is bulletproof. Which just leaves covering for each other. Will’s about to get canned. He needs all the networking he can get.

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  5. ApalachDawg aux Bruxelles

    you have missed the mark on this one

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  6. 69Dawg

    So you are of the opinion that one terrible error in a person’s life erases any and all good that a man has done or could ever do. Damn Senator I sure hope you don’t screw up ever. Should he have just been executed in the old testament way? After all an eye for an eye was the norm for a long time.

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    • godawgs1701

      It’s probably worth noting that a lot more happened at Maryland under DJ Durkin than one single “mistake” if that’s how you’re referring to the death of Jordan McNair. The fact is, Durkin made a series of decisions across his entire tenure there at UMD to create a hostile, toxic environment for players in the service of some outdated model of machismo and while McNair’s death was certainly the worst thing to happen there, one can find plenty of reasons in Durkin’s time at Maryland to say he should never be coaching college athletes again. To say that you hate what he went through there is to ignore the fact that all of it was of his own making and it calls into question whether Muschamp thinks the player revolt and ultimate firing of DJ Durkin was somehow unjustified by the way he ran his program. Certainly, based on everything I’ve read in the aftermath of his firing, it was justified indeed. Now, can you have sympathy for a coach who experiences the death of one of his players? Absolutely. And I have no reason to believe that Durkin wasn’t devastated by that death. However, that’s not exactly what Muschamp said, either.

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  7. Dawg in Austin

    Why was that question even asked? The knives are out in Columbia and Will just stepped right into a trap.