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Meanwhile, in 2020

Guess whom Georgia is scheduled to play the week after this?


UPDATE:  In a related matter, the MSU game has been scheduled.

Georgia will return to Sanford Stadium after four games away from home for a night game against Mississippi State.

At least it is scheduled to play on Nov. 21 at 7:30 p.m. in a game that will be shown on the SEC Network.


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Mark Richt has lost control.



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Sam Pittman, doin’ er’rything

The man has had a compelling 2020, that’s for sure.


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“You don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows.”

And you don’t need to be a coach or a player to know what’s wrong with Georgia’s passing game.

So much for that “body of work” bullshit.


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So Kirby’s saying there’s a chance?

In the meantime…


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“Well, we’ve got a dinged up football team at the moment.”

My Twitter feed right now is a painful thing to behold.


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You know how to *take* the deep shot, you just don’t know how to *complete* the deep shot.

If you think it was frustrating watching this on the broadcast…

… imagine what it was like sitting in the stadium watching the routes open and the protection hold up, only to see that.


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SEC net ypp, Week 7

After week seven’s slate, here’s the conference order by net yards per play, with the offensive ypp and defensive ypp, respectively, in parenthesis.

As I’ve been doing, I also show the week-to-week change in the net figure (stats via cfbstats.com.)

  1. Alabama:  2.54 (7.95; 5.41) [net change:  DNP]
  2. Florida:  1.77 (7.42; 5.65) [net change:  +.09]
  3. TAMU:  1.15 (6.71; 5.56) [net change:  +.61]
  4. Auburn:  0.51 (5.81; 5.30) [net change:  DNP]
  5. Georgia:  0.39 (5.42; 5.03) [net change: -.60]
  6. Arkansas:  0.10 (5.26; 5.16) [net change:  +.28]
  7. Kentucky:  -0.20 (4.83; 5.03) [net change:  DNP]
  8. Ole Miss:  -0.31 (6.76; 7.07) [net change:  DNP]
  9. Mississippi State: -0.62 (4.59; 5.21) [net change:  -.31]
  10. Missouri:  -0.86 (5.37; 6.23) [net change: DNP]
  11. South Carolina:  -1.00 (5.23; 6.23) [net change:  -.61]
  12. LSU:  -1.02 (6.17; 7.19) [net change:  DNP]
  13. Tennessee:  -1.09 (4.74; 5.83) [net change:  -.16]
  14. Vanderbilt:  -2.07 (4.74; 6.81) [net change:  +1.02]

Here’s the current order for turnover margin.

  • +8:  Arkansas
  • +5:  Alabama
  • +4:  Auburn, Kentucky, LSU
  • +1:  Florida, TAMU
  •  0:  South Carolina
  • -2:  Georgia
  • -3:  Ole Miss, Tennessee
  • -4:  Missouri
  • -7:  Mississippi State
  • -8:  Vanderbilt

And, observations:

  • Turnover margin been berry, berry good for Arkansas.
  • Last in net ypp and last in turnover margin pretty much sums up Vandy’s 2020.
  • Georgia’s decline shows the Dawgs have more than just a quarterback problem right now.


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Let the good times roll.

Shorter Boom:  ‘Cock fans, if you ignore the 6-12 run we’re currently on, we’ve been really successful.


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SEC Power Poll, Week 7


The SEC East is devolving before our very eyes from somewhat mediocre to outright awful.  Part of that is because former Saban assistants had one shitty week this week.

No doubt Jimmy Sexton’s on the mother.

  1. Alabama.  Is it possible for the number one team to get a bye week bounce?  Asking for a jealous friend…
  2. Texas A&M.  Gee, that Florida win looks even better now.
  3. Florida.  Ain’t no gap now.
  4. Georgia.  2020 is officially a throwaway season, Dawg fans.
  5. Auburn.  This is about as good as it gets for the Gus Bus.
  6. Arkansas.  I’m back on the Sam Pittman for SEC Coach of the Year wagon again.
  7. Kentucky.  Didn’t play and suffered a bye week drop for it.
  8. LSU. Ditto.
  9. Ole Miss.  Hosting a reeling South Carolina team this week, so look for Junior to notch another win.
  10. Missouri.  If any team deserves a bye week bounce, it’s this one, considering what comes below.
  11. Tennessee.  The Vols have three ranked teams left on the schedule.  It’s not Phil Fulmer’s November anymore.
  12. South Carolina.  The wheels have come off the wagon so fast that you actually have to wonder if the ‘Cocks are seriously considering firing Boom and having to pay that buyout.
  13. Mississippi State.  Hey, the offense scored!
  14. Vanderbilt.  They outgained MSU by 275 yards and lost.  That’s so Vandy.


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