Manball ain’t dead, y’all.

It’s just evolving.

Seriously, how many other SEC programs are going to have to grapple with parceling out carries to four or five qualified backs in 2021?  Georgia returns four players who finished in the top 30 in rushing yards per game last season and if Milton had played in one more game, he would have finished in the top 30, as well.

I’d call that an embarrassment of riches, except I’m not embarrassed and I doubt Kirby Smart is, either.


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  1. Thank you for your last line. When I read that, I am like “why am I supposed to be embarrassed my team is better than yours”

    Also, is RTDBM going to be a thing now? lol

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  2. 69Dawg

    Just wait until the opposing team has to adjust their D to account for the explosive pass plays. Good times will be had by all of the RB’s and they will not get beaten up as bad. The second half of our games could be a lot of fun to watch if we can keep the D on their heels all day. Here’s hoping the Oline does not disappoint in it’s blocking for this JT and RB’s.

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  3. Took my SO to Hunt’s Oyster Bar, in lovely St Andrews, all of a mile from both of our houses (i wanted to live in St A, best I could do is a bike ride away), for the first time since China Virus. We’d just got everything back from Michael for goodness sakes. Sun came out, and it was very lovely. Florida is open, and weather is about to be back to florida, I recommend sunshine and running backs for everyone.

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  4. MGW

    We got any above 90 though?


  5. The fact that the 5th running back on the depth chart is in the top 30 in rushing is an embarrassment of riches. #RBU indeed.


  6. Texas Dawg

    If we run it 90% of the time and march up and down the field (and score), I’m fine.
    If we throw it 90% of the time and march up and down the field (and score), I’m fine.
    If we have a balanced run throw and march up and down the field (and score), I’m fine.
    What I am NOT fine with now. in the past, or in the future is to keep doing what is NOT working over and over with hope that it will work (definition of insanity). With the level of talent that we have stocked on the roster, we should be able to do what ever it takes to win. If they want to put 7-8 in the box ala Miss State, throw the hell out of it. If it is SC all over again, run it down their throats. As long as they matriculate down the field I do not care how it is done as long as it is done.

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