Another Saturday between the hedges

It’s scrimmage time, bitchez.

And, a few brief notes from the last one:

Anthony Dasher dropped some insider notes heading into Saturday’s scrimmage. One of those centered on running back Kendall Milton, who has put together some great practices this spring.

“Indications are Kendall Milton continues to have an excellent spring,” Dasher wrote. “Milton is healthy after injuring his knee in last year’s game against Florida and having a hamstring issue, and seems primed for a breakout. Zamir White and James Cook also continue to receive praise and perform just the way you expect a couple of upperclassmen would.”

Also, Dasher detailed the left tackle battle between Xavier Truss and Broderick Jones. Ideally, the Bulldogs want one of those two to win the job.

“Truss, we understand, played relatively well (in last weekend’s scrimmage),” Dasher wote. “Both still have work to do. Jamaree Salyer remains in the picture, and coaches won’t hesitate to have him play the position again this fall. But they really hope either Jones or Truss can get the job done. Or maybe even Amarius Mims. Salyer was held out of last week’s scrimmage.”

Milton showing out is hardly a surprise, but the coaches holding out Salyer and Mims as motivation for Truss or Jones to step up and grab the left tackle spot isn’t exactly what I was hoping for.  Something else to watch next Saturday at G-Day…


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20 responses to “Another Saturday between the hedges

  1. I eagerly await Saturdays QBR. Always be coachin’ my fellow commentators!

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  2. reipar1

    Holding out Sayler and Mims as motivation? What? You must have insider information that is not in the linked article as I don’t know where you got that from.


    • Chill, brother. I meant “holding out” in the sense of “dangling the possibility of them playing the position”.

      If I had to put money on things at this very moment, I would bet on Salyer as the starting left tackle against Clemson. But there’s still plenty of time for that to change.


      • Biggen

        Seems like Salyer has been around a while. Hard to imagine he isn’t good enough to be a starter at this point.


        • That’s not the issue. He wants to move to guard and the coaches would like to be able to move him inside, too.


          • Biggen

            Ah ok.


          • akascuba

            Totally agree the coaches are hopeful some else can earn the left tackle position. Not that Sayler can’t he’s just a better suited to play guard his recruited position.

            Now is the exact time to experiment. I would be disappointed if Luke was not giving everyone at shot at other positions. Mix and match as much as they think is needed. Also now is a great time time to see who at RB can block and who I’m looking at you Milton needs to prove he wants to get butta. If left tackle is anything less than rock solid the RB better be willing and able to protect JT. Everything depends on JT staying healthy. That is the single fact I’m sure of to start the season.

            Fall camp is time to get ready for the season not play what if.

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      • argondawg

        I ageee. Salyer at left tackle against Clemson and then move him over. That Clemson DL will be the best we face til Bama in the SEC championship and we need our QB upright in that game. It’s easier to find a solid guard than a solid left tackle.


      • Russ

        I hope not. I’d rather have a set OL going into Clemson than continue to play musical chairs.

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        • Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2024)

          I’m going to guess we’ll have an entire summer to worry about it, but it’ll get shaked-out in the fall.

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        • Down Island Way

          As big as UGA football OL are, having the same starting 5 all year is problematic during sec play…any type of plug n play in the first game could be ugly…


  3. Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2024)

    I hope we get more reports on how Washington is improving. After what Pitts did last season I wouldn’t mind seeing Monken try to involve Pitts in the same way, especially in the end zone.

    I also hope we get some idea of how the secondary is coming together. If we just got our Star from the transfer portal, does that mean Ringo is first in line for LCB? How is that shaking-out?


  4. Sweet D

    If we have young and inexperienced players holding down the blind side, I can’t help but think RB pass pro will be extremely important. We have been very, shall we say, hit or miss in that area.


    • dawg100

      Macintosh whiffs more than he hits, but not Zamir. White has been above average in pass pro to say the least.


  5. “Indications are” and “we understand”?

    Hate the ridiculous super-spy secrecy.


  6. spur21

    Much like last year (I was wrong) I am guardedly optimistic about next year.


  7. Munsoning

    “It was a day that saw the defensive line dominate the line of scrimmage for the most part.”

    Way too early to be concerned, obviously, but I don’t like the sound of this. The Dawgs’ OL shouldn’t get dominated by any DL. Hope it’s just more of the same clickbait Dawgnation poop.