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Emmert fiddles while amateurism burns.

Your NCAA, hard at work.

Set to pass NIL at its virtual convention in mid-January, the NCAA delayed the decision, citing a letter from the Department of Justice. However, a more practical reason has emerged. The governing body of college athletics is waiting for the Supreme Court to rule on its antitrust case, NCAA v. Alston, before passing any NIL legislation, multiple sources tell Sports Illustrated. Some contend that approving NIL would damage the NCAA’s argument in Alston, weakening its chances for a victory in a case that, while it centers around antitrust, also could produce a decision that greatly impacts amateurism.

But how long is the NCAA willing to wait? The Alston decision isn’t expected until June, if not later, coming dangerously close to what is becoming a D-Day for college sports: July 1. Eleven states have passed NIL laws, four of which take effect July 1: Mississippi, Florida, New Mexico and Alabama. Two more states have a bill awaiting a governor’s signature to become law and 18 more have introduced a bill this spring, as states hurry to one-up one another for recruiting purposes.

The states hurry, even if the NCAA doesn’t.  Or maybe that should be because the NCAA doesn’t.

Big 12 commissioner Bob Bowlsby, part of the NCAA’s NIL working group, says the group has met at least twice a month, spending the last four months continuously tinkering with what they term as an evolving NIL legislative proposal. SI obtained the original proposal last fall.

While the NCAA hopes Congress passes a federal bill to govern NIL, the organization expects at some point to remove its tabled item and pass the long-awaited measure.

“There are those advocating to pass it before July 1,” Bowlsby says. “There are those who say some of the chaos is required and let the state laws go into effect. It puts the institutions in a tough spot. They’re going to either comply with NCAA rules and against the state or comply with state law and against the NCAA.”

Gee, Bob, I wonder which course of action they’ll choose.



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Super seniors

If you’re wondering how many SEC players who, but for the NCAA’s decision not to count the 2020 season towards their eligibility, would have otherwise been out of eligibility after the 2020 season, but are instead living to fight another day in 2021, Roll ‘Bama Roll has compiled a list.

  • Alabama – 2
  • Arkansas – 10
  • Auburn – 2
  • Florida – 5
  • Georgia – 3
  • Kentucky – 9
  • LSU – 6
  • Mississippi State – 5
  • Missouri – 12
  • Ole Miss – 10
  • South Carolina – 7
  • Tennessee – 11
  • Texas A&M – 7
  • Vanderbilt – 5

Some of those home sidelines look like they’re gonna be a little crowded this season.  (Not Tennessee’s, though.)

The elephant in the room is what happens after 2021.  Super seniors will not count against a team’s 85-scholarship limit this coming season unless they transferred in from another program.  How that goes after this season is anyone’s guess, because the NCAA hasn’t figured it out yet.


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The NCAA gets pissy.

The NCAA Playing Rules Oversight Panel tossed out a few new rules changes yesterday.  The change in overtime (mandatory 2-point conversion in the second OT; alternating 2-point plays after the third OT) got the most attention, but there’s a bunch of stuff that’s more like Miss Manners.

Unsportsmanlike tactics

In an editorial change to the rules book, video board and lighting system operators have been included in those personnel who may not create any distraction that obstructs play.

Points of emphasis

  • For the 2021 season, it will be a point of emphasis for officials to penalize any taunting action directed toward an opponent. Committee members think these actions reflect poorly on the game and can lead to unnecessary confrontations.
  • Officials are directed to be alert to players who are significantly in violation of uniform rules and to send violators out of the game to correct the issue. This will include specifically the pants, jerseys and T-shirts that extend below the torso.
  • Coaches should not enter the field of play or leave the team area to debate officiating decisions. Those who do so will have committed an automatic unsportsmanlike conduct foul.

I guess the NCAA feels like on field officials don’t have enough to keep track of already during a game.  I can’t wait to see what happens the first time Nick Saban violates that last bullet point.


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Unleash the (big) hound!

Max Toscano writes for And The Valley Shook, the fine LSU blog.

Max Toscano is duly impressed with Darnell Washington.

Let’s hope there are lots of fans at other SEC programs saying the same thing this season.


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Just give him one more chance

I’m thinking Bobby Petrino’s career has as many lives as the proverbial cat.

Missouri State coach Bobby Petrino, whose return to the sidelines was delayed until the spring due to the COVID-19 pandemic, was named Missouri Valley Football Conference coach of the year Thursday.

Petrino led the Bears to a 5-1 record, and they were co-champions in the spring conference. Missouri State, winners of just one game the previous season, had been picked to tie for ninth in a preseason poll but will open the FCS playoffs Saturday against North Dakota.

No D-1 AD’s gonna be dumb enough to give him another chance, right?  Shit, who am I kidding here?


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Barrett Sallee’s got yer gap right here.

This is a rather bold declaration.

I bet PAWWWLLL!!! just ate that up.


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