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Monty Rice has a future in broadcasting.

This is pretty good.



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Your G-Day game thread

And there was much rejoicing.

One last “things to watch for at G-Day” link, this one, with what probably will be the most watched aspect of today’s scrimmage, from Jake Rowe:

Quarterbacks and banged-up receivers: When this whole thing got started back in mid March, we all expected JT Daniels to be throwing to the same guys he threw to in his four starts to end last season. That won’t be the case. George Pickens is out. Jermaine Burton is questionable at best. Arian Smith should be good to go with Kearis Jackson and Demetris Robertson presumably fully healthy.

There’s a good chance Daniels is going to complete a pass or two to a guy we haven’t seen him throw to very much in a real game. Whether it’s with Daniels and the first team or with the other quarterbacks, there’ll be plenty of opportunities for receivers that we haven’t seen play in a real game. Guys like Ladd McConkey, Adonai Mitchell, and Jackson Meeks are going to get a chance to show what they can do. Justin Robinson might have that opportunity but he’s dealing with an achilles/ankle injury.

It’ll also be a chance to see Carson Beck and Brock Vandagriff in action for the first time. Beck has turned in a strong spring and will get his first action at UGA in front of fans. Vandagriff, a freshman early enrollee, has been impressive at times and it’ll be a feet-wetting experience for him.

I’ll be there, after consuming beer and fried chicken (for medicinal purposes only, you understand).  I may even try to tweet a few things as I see them unfold.  In the meantime, feel free to add observations of your own in the comments.


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