When life has to imitate art

I’m sorry, but if you’re not doing this…

… after reading this ($$)

Luke Doty is a natural passer. In the (NFL) Draft, you look for a big brain and a natural passer. He’s got a big brain.

… Now we just get to marry up all the other little attributes that go with it. Big Brain? Check.

… you’re just not doing it right.


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4 responses to “When life has to imitate art

  1. argondawg

    They may love his passing and big brain but he is going to be running for his life. He is going to have time for his first read and that’s about it. It is going to be a very long season for them but they are used to it. They’ve got walk-ons all through their 2 deep.


  2. Joshua Garrett

    Does he like Big Kahuna burgers?


  3. rigger92

    CWM fielded a solid D there and that Hilinski kid still bothers me with his “manzell” moxy. Not sure what Beamer will bring. They will probably bite somebody next year. Don’t forget, the Clowney/Lattimer history will give motivation to any kid on that team that they can “make it”, even from SC.


  4. rigger92

    “Lattimore”. Dang auto……