And I saw you in my nightmares, but I’ll see you in my dreams

I don’t know about you, but if I were Lovasea Carroll, I’d have probably gone to Kirby after this play and said, “Coach, I’m ready to go play running back.”


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38 responses to “And I saw you in my nightmares, but I’ll see you in my dreams

  1. MudCat's Mechanic

    Big O is a man amongst boys.


  2. 0 is going to be a monster this year. I think Cubelic said something to the effect of Washington was the most imposing 280 pound physical specimen he’s ever seen.

    I think the only reason he was on the Black team was that he played wide receiver pretty much the entire day.

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  3. akascuba

    Does this mean Georgia finally uses theTE position to punish others not just for off season sunshine pumping? Asking for a friend.

    It’s surreal to finally see an offense so loaded at every skill position. Not dependent on just one or two special players staying healthy or eligible.

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  4. Dawg in Austin

    Definitely my favorite play of the day and one of the few we’ll see in the fall. He creates such a conflict for the defense at the X or Z spot. Easy pitch and catch up high against a small corner, and if the defense moves a LB outside you can run more easily.

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  5. If JT can consistently hit the seam passes to our TE’s……mmmmmmm.


  6. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    That just ain’t fair. 😁

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  7. timberridgedawg

    I might live a thousand years before I know what that means..
    Love me some Zuma.

    Big O is going to give a lot of defenses nightmares.

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  8. ben

    Can someone point me to a pronunciation of “Lovasea”? This whole time I’ve read his name as “Lovesea,” but now I don’t know what sound to make in my head when I read his name!


  9. Monster. If we use him correctly, he will be the most important player on offense. He creates matchup problems everywhere.

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    • Down Island Way

      #12 and #47 shouldn’t feel bad, 0 is gonna do that to whommmmmm ever attempts to slow his forward progress……


  10. BA Baracus

    Did that safety live?

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  11. sniffer

    Leonard Pope says, “damn, he big”.

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  12. spur21

    Bowers is also a mismatch.


  13. Salty Dawg

    Whoa! I like what I just saw! Stay healthy, 0!


  14. rigger92

    Bet the ball ain’t heavy for him either.


  15. Greg

    LOL!…..yeah, don’t think the experiment with Carroll will last long.


  16. Scotty King

    Get the ball to ‘0’ every chance you have…..


  17. Sweet D

    When you run like an elk and carry similar mass, the only defense is to go low. This is what worries me.
    But gracious, what a specimen. He is an absolute nightmare. Damn glad he’s on my team.

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