The narrative confuses me.

On the one hand, we’re supposed to believe that this is a make or break year for Georgia football under Kirby Smart.

On the other hand, USA Today’s preseason All SEC team doesn’t contain a single Dawg on offense or defense (unless you want to count Camarda).  That’s gonna be a pretty neat trick Kirbs is expected to pull off.


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30 responses to “The narrative confuses me.

  1. Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2024)

    USA Today employs Dan Woken (it’s intentional) as its lead CFB Writer.

    Nothing they print about CFB is legitimate.

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    • I don’t like Dan Wolken either, but he has more forgotten more about football than you will ever know, which is why he is getting paid to write about it and YOU on the other hand spend your time insulting people on a blog.


      • Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2024)

        LOL… okay dude.

        One has to only read anything that guy has ever written about CFB to know he doesn’t know what the fuck he’s talking about, but because you dislike me, sure, stick up for him.

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  2. mp

    But, if the end of year all-SEC team have zero UGA players isn’t it just supportive of the narrative that Kirby “recruits well but can’t develop all those 4 and 5 stars”?

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  3. Greg

    BAH!!!….“Kirby is not developing them”

    for those that can’t figure it out, that was sarcasm. I even gave ya a hint, don’t make me do a smiley face too, that’s for girls.


  4. doubledawg09

    Do we get to county Mays on offense and Cox on defense?

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  5. mwodieseldawg

    Cade Mays, Brenton Cox?

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    • doubledawg09

      It was a bad joke. It’s just funny to me that two guys who were unable to crack the depth chart at their preferred positions with UGA are selected by the media as all SEC team members when we have players that I think should have been selected ahead of them for the preseason team. Salyer on the O-Line and Davis or Walker on defensive line.

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    • Seriously. Cade Mays got used and abused against our defensive line last year…and against Baylor in the Sugar Bowl the year prior…

      Brenton Cox is a guy who doesn’t care about run contain.

      All-SEC? LOL.

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  6. I thought Cox was out for the year at Florida. I guess Cade Mays is not good for at least one Lookout Block per game anymore?

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  7. doubledawg09

    I think any preseason SEC team that does not have Jordan Davis as a first team selection is illegitimate.

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  8. The Decider

    FU has 2. On defense. Way to go Grantham!


  9. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    I don’t know how any media person or group can reasonably watch enough film to make a rational rating of players for a list like this. It used to frustrate me because they are clearly just pulling it out of their collectives asses. As an older guy I just say ‘WTF, it’s July.’ And then I purposely avoid clicking on the link. No reason to encourage such foolishness.

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  10. Ran A

    This is Tennessee dumb…


  11. cowetadawg

    I swear, these narratives and predictions are as accurate as the Farmer’s Almanac’s weather forecast for a specific week.


  12. artistformerlyknownasbman

    “That’s gonna be a pretty neat trick Kirbs is expected to pull off.”

    The greatest trick Kirby Soze ever pulled was to convince the media that he doesn’t exist.



    Buts we gots us a Punter!


  14. mg4life0331

    Just remember you are unique. But so is everyone else. So you ain’t special.

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  15. 81Dog

    I’m bummed that our long snapper isn’t preseason all SEC.

    OTOH, Kirby has plenty of bulletin board material, and other teams, can enjoy the USA Today eat poison. FTMFs. 😉


  16. 81Dog

    Rat Poison. F*****g autocorrect.


  17. uga97

    Mainstream media just can’t find a ball sac & separate their political agendas from sports in our state.

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